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Hylamide Pore Delete Review – Before & After

2 Oct 2015 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Oh hello!! Pore Delete? Was this made especially for me!?? I absolutely hate my enlarged pores so the idea of the brand new Hylamide Pore Delete (love the name!!) got me properly excited! Here are the details.

Hylamide Pore Delete Review

So Hylamide are calling this an Instant Surface Perfector, so this is an instant fixer, rather than a long term treatment. It is part of the Hylamide Finisher series.

Hylamide Pore Delete Review

Hylamide Pore Delete Features

Hylamide Pore Delete Review
  • Instant Surface Perfector
  • Can be used on bare skin without makeup
  • Or after foundation and before powder
  • Mattifies, minimises pores and blurs
  • Uses advanced refractive nan0-prisms and an adaptive mesh
Hylamide Pore Delete Review

Now I have had my first go with it and I think this is going to be great. It is a product that you need to use with a bit of know how and skill, and probably one that the more you play with it, the better the results you will achieve.

Hylamide Pore Delete Review

Hylamide Pore Delete – Texture

Hylamide Pore Delete Review

This is a creamy fluid that feels very light in texture.

I have had a little go showing how it would work for no makeup days as the last step in my skincare, and also after foundation and before powder.

Hylamide Pore Delete – Before & After Photos

No makeup – Pore Delete applied to right side in photo:

Hylamide Pore Delete Review – Before & After

After foundation – Pore Delete applied to right side in photo:

Hylamide Pore Delete Review – Before & After

In both cases you can really see the difference. I literally applied a small amount only to the enlarged pores around my nose and tapped it in very very lightly. In the case of application after makeup, you need to be really careful that you don’t disturb the foundation underneath, so start with the tiniest amount. I found that less is more, which is great as it will really last.

Loving Hylamide Pore Delete! I can’t wait to play with it more! It will be in Boots soon. As soon as I have a press release I will update with price and availability.



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