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Hylamide HA Blur Review

4 Mar 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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We all love a bit of blur don’t we? And Hylamide’s latest addition to their Finisher Series brings something very different to the table. Instead of silicones to blur the skin it uses everyone’s best skincare friend, Hylauronic Acid. Here’s the low down on the brand new Hylamide HA Blur with before and after photos. Buy it HERE.

Hylamide HA Blur Review

Hylamide HA Blur Features

HA Blur Review
HA Blur Review
  • Unique blend of blurring and hydration in one
  • Uses Hyaluronic Acid powder to create the prism shapes needed to refract light
  • Avoids the use of Silica which can break up makeup and also absorb the skin’s natural hydration and oil
  • Compatible with makeup and dry skin types
  • Hydrates, plumps, minimises pores and blurs
  • Unique balm-like texture glides easily over skin
  • Can be used under and over foundation
  • Leaves soft-focused finish and a super smooth skin feel
HA Blur Review

I love that Hylamide HA Blur uses Hyaluronic Acid to perfect the appearance of the skin rather than silica. It improves the appearance of the skin by actually treating it with moisture attracting ingredients and preventing moisture loss, rather than just cosmetically masking it.

Hylamide HA Blur Review

It’s a lovely texture that melts into the skin easily and feels comfortable and hydrating.

Hylamide HA Blur Before & After Photos





With foundation applied on top:

Hylamide HA Blur Review – After

It sits really nicely under liquid foundation and softly mattifies the skin whilst boosting hydration and softening imperfections. It definitely delivers an instant soft focus effect. It can also be mixed in with foundation or applied over the top of it. It’s up to you to find your favourite way to use it.

I found it gave my skin lasting hydration and my foundation held really well throughout the day with comfort.

Hylamide HA Blur is £19. Find it HERE.



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One thought on “Hylamide HA Blur Review

  1. I was intrigued by this product. I ended up buying two of their serums but skipped this one. The first couple of ingredients in this product are still silicones.

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