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Hydraluron Review

14 Nov 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Well! I think it’s about time I shared my thoughts on this little product, Hydraluron.


I had a first little go at Hydraluron back in August this year having read quite a lot of positive reviews, but dropped it rather quickly due to being thoroughly under-whelmed.
However, the rave reviews continued so about 3 weeks ago I decided to give it another go. This time with more determination. I have used it every night and every morning since and although it has taken me some time to come to a conclusion, the actual conclusion is, I completely need it!

I want to say ‘love it’ but somehow that doesn’t feel quite right. The thing is, it is such a ‘non’ product kind of product that I find it quite hard to get excited about until I spend a bit of time actually accessing its results.
Let me explain. It is a completely clear gel that doesn’t look like anything, smell like anything or even feel like anything really. I am quite a sensorial person and I like to be seduced by textures and aromas and all that jazz. Hydraluron has none of that.
You apply a tiny amount to your skin before any kind of moisturiser, it spreads quickly and evenly over the skin and before you can say ‘hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its weight in water’, it has utterly vanished as if you never applied it.
For me, this is slightly anti-climactic. But the key to this product is what is does for your other products, making them work harder and more efficient at keeping your skin plumped and hydrated.
It isn’t until I think about how my skin has behaved in the last 3 weeks that I realise what a brilliant product this is. I have had no dryness at all, my skin feels smooth and plump and…….even I can’t quite get over this one…. I think my pore size has decreased! 
I hate my pores, and you know what, I just don’t hate them as much! My skin is more radiant, my makeup lasts really well and basically it is all looking a lot better. And I think it is down to this non-event of a product. Blimey!
Well there’s a lesson learned – it doesn’t have to act like it’s all singing and all dancing to be all singing and all dancing. No siree!
Like pretty much everyone else, I thoroughly recommend this. It costs £24.99 for 30ml from Boots and I’d say it’s quite certainly worth every penny!
Next stop Eysilix! It is made by the same company, Indeed Labs, and I am expecting great things! Have started on that already so we’ll see.
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7 thoughts on “Hydraluron Review

  1. Glad you like it, plus you’ve helped me understand how it works from a practical non-science crap perspective. Boots have a deal on atm, buy any Indeed Labs product and get Peptalash free! Go.buy Eysilix now, I think the offer ends Nov 24th! I’m getting Hydraluron 😀

    Steph xx

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