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Beauty Dilemmas – How To Tackle Under Eye Darkness

26 Oct 2014 (Updated: 31 Oct 2017)

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Even after an 8 hour trip to the land of nod, many of us still suffer from those dreaded under eye circles. Whilst our favourite foundation can do its best to help banish the bags, disguising areas of darkness is really a job for correctors and concealers. Here’s how to tackle under eye darkness.

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Step 1 – Neutralise


Before you reach for your trusty under-eye concealing pen, take a moment to really study the colour tone of the area directly beneath your eye. Most of us find our skin has a blue or purple cast thanks to the fine texture of this delicate area. Now, let’s think back to our school art classes and the trusty colour wheel. Here, we will see that to neutralise a blue or purple tone, we would need to add warm orange shades, such as peach or salmon. This is exactly what we should do with our skin too!

A peachy toned creamy corrector, applied using your ring finger to the area of darkness will help to disguise discoloration and create a neutral complexion.

Step 2 – Brighten

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To lighten and brighten, a highlighting concealer pen containing light reflecting properties can be our best of friends. However, a word of warning! Applying with a heavy hand can lead to the dreaded’ reverse panda’ eye, when you grab a selfie or face those flashbulbs.

Instead, follow the professional’s advice and apply in an upside down triangle shape. Start by dotting into the inner and outer corners of the eye and blend using your ring finger in a patting motion downwards, until you touch the bone.

For an added complexion boost, you can also try dotting your highlighting concealer along the brow bone, down the centre of the nose and onto the top of cheekbones.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Dilemmas – How To Tackle Under Eye Darkness

  1. Nice post, I really like the tip on avoiding the reverse panda eye. Though, I have to admit… old habits die hard ^.^

    What about veiny eyelids though? – will a concealer sort that out in the best possible way if you’re not in the mood for eye shadow?

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