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House of Thara Luxury Fragrance

30 Jun 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have recently made a new discovery that I am really excited about. This is news of a brand new British fragrance house, based in London’s Mayfair, called House of Thara.
House of Thara Luxury Fragrance
House of Thara Luxury Fragrance
Apart from the fact that the two fragrances I have tried, White Gold then Pink Gold, are absolutely divine, I am super excited because this is a fragrance house with a difference.
First of all, although House of Thara is relatively new, its owners have a rich background in sourcing precious metals and jewels from all over the world and they bring this experience of remote and exotic places to the blends of their fragrance.
The first House of Thara fragrance I smelt was White Gold and it is beautiful. I find it incredibly uplifting.
House of Thara - White Gold
House of Thara – White Gold
This isn’t the final packaging as White Gold isn’t due to launch until the end of October 2012, but this gives you an idea of the look. It is a long, elegant, heavy bottle that will look gorgeous on your dressing table. The lid will be a jewel. I like!!
White Gold is perfect for day and night, it is fresh and bright with icy lemon balm and a heart of blonde woods. It  dies down to a soft perfection of white musk and pink peppercorns. I love love love it!
House of Thara are also going in a different direction with their approach to the market. If you google ‘fragance ads’ you will be bombarded with images of naked flesh, seductive looks and suggestions of sex. We know that sex sells but the majority of these ads wouldn’t last a second in many parts of the world where woman’s modesty is protected rather than stripped away.
They have chosen an ambassador with global appeal – Eylem Kizil. I hadn’t heard of her before, but she is a British-Turkish Singer Songwriter with huge success in Turkey and the Middle East with pockets of fans all over the world.
The campaign for White Gold will be different to the fragrance ads we are used to. It will present Eylem’s classic beauty whilst respecting her modesty and traditional values. This will be beauty, and not sex, which is super refreshing.
White Gold is going to launch first in Turkey, Dubai and Kuwait followed by a UK launch in 2013, so we have a while to wait yet here. 
I shall keep you updated but I can say for sure that White Gold is definitely worth the wait!
Work has already begun on the follow up fragrance, Pink Gold, a heavier, more seductive scent, and from what I have smelt so far, it is another winner.
The House of Thara website will be launching next week. You will find it at

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