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Inhibitif! Hair Removal at Home – Advanced Hair Free Serum Review

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Ok! So what is the bane of our female lives? Well to be fair, there are a few challenges we face in the quest for perfection, but way up there is unwanted hair! Hair removal is pretty much a life time obsession and there really hasn’t been any quick fix or affordable solutions for permanent results.
When Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Serum launched in March I had the same response to it that I have to most products that have promised a hair-free life. Too much effort for too little gain! So much so that I didn’t even bother writing about it let alone review it! Also, I use fake tan all the time and I thought it would really get in the way of this. What’s the point of having hair-free legs if they are pasty and white (blue!)?!
Hair Removal – Inhibitif Advance Hair Free Serum
But I think I may have made an error in judgement here. Oopsy! When I travelled to New Orleans with Boots recently, we stopped off in Canada to meet Brandon, the founder of the company that created Inhibitif (he’s incredible!), and I was inspired to give it a go.

Perhaps hair removal with Inhibitif could be the answer! So here is the low down on Inhibitif Advanced Hair Free Serum and what it has done for me so far!

All you do is use Inhibitif twice a day after shaving or showering. You spray it straight on before any other products and once it’s dry you can continue with your normal lotions or self tanners. Just shave as regularly as you would normally – you don’t have to shave every time you use it, just when you need to.
The instructions state that you must use it twice a day for 8 weeks, but I have been using it for about 2 weeks just on my lower legs and have started to see a slow in growth already. My legs are particularly prickly, and get hairy again very fast, but I am noticing much softer and slower regrowth already. It’s a real inspiration to keep going. Maybe long lasting hair removal could be mine after all!!
Hair Removal – Inhibitif Advance Hair Free Serum
What I really like about Inhibitif Hair Free Serum is that it’s really fast to apply – both lower legs done in about 10 seconds – it dries really quickly – another 10 seconds – and it doesn’t interfere with my beloved fake tan at all. Self-tan goes on and develops just as if I have nothing on at all. Yay! Then I just spray it on again before I get in bed at night.
I am thinking another few weeks with Inhibitif and the hair could actually be gone or at least become unnoticeable. This is big!! Once the hair has stopped growing you just use it a couple of times a week to maintain, and at that rate, a bottle would probably last 6 months to a year!
I have been testing it on my legs but it can also be used on underarms and bikini line – anyway she want o banish hair I suppose! I have tried it in both places and it feels absolutely fine.

I have just realised that I haven’t told you how Inhibitf works for hair removal, and that is probably because I don’t care!! But the main thing is that it works on the quantity and quality of hair. It binds itself to the signal that tells hair follicles to be active so that the number of hairs is reduced AND,  it surrounds the follicles so that less nutrition is absorbed and the hairs grow out finer and more slowly. GENIUS!

I am going to keep you posted on my progress. Inhibitif is exclusive to and some Boots stores. It costs £29.99 and right now there’s an online offer for a second bottle half price. Bonus! 

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