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HIF Cleansing Conditioner Review – Hair is Fabric Hydration Support

12 May 2015

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HIF  or ‘Hair is Fabric’ which is what it’s short for, is a new haircare brand from super beauty innovators, DECIEM. It is a line of cleansing conditioners that aims to treat your hair like precious fabric and suggests, “You wouldn’t put couture clothing in your washer. Is your hair less important?” They have a point!  I tested out the HIF Cleansing Conditioner Hydration Support.

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Review

Hair is indeed very much like fabric. Both are made up of dead cells and are very reliant on the way they are treated for their condition. Fabric that’s looked after stays looking good for the most part, regardless of its age, and the same principles are being applied to hair with HIF haircare. They say “Think of HIF as dry cleaning for hair…only with water.”

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Review

So I have just tried out Hydration Support by HIF to wash my hair and I have to say, I am extremely impressed. Before I go into details on that one, let me tell you a little more about the range as a whole.

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Features

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Review
  • Healthy approach to cleaning
  • Deliver highly active next-generation ingredients into the hair and scalp
  • Each of HIF’s 15 cleansing conditioners have been formulated to meet the needs of specific hair types or to treat common hair concerns
  • Fabric Depositing Technology ensures the hair and scalp receive optimal benefits from its highly active ingredients
  • HIF’s delivery technology allows actives to remain anchored to the cuticle, even through washing, and facilitates the penetration of ingredients into the deepest parts of the hair.
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Exotic Oils and Precious Rock extracts nourish, condition and strengthen
  • Selected variant contain kind to hair foaming tehnology for those who need that to feel clean

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Variants

  • Hydration Support
  • Intensive Detox
  • Colour Support
  • Volume Support
  • Straight Hair Support
  • Curly Hair Support
  • Anti-Frizz Support
  • Growth Support
  • Anti-Aging Support
  • Black Hue Support
  • Red Hue Support
  • Brunette Hue Support
  • Blonde Hue Support
  • Silver Hue Support
  • Anti-Brass Support

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Hydration Support £25

HIF Cleansing Conditioner Review

As I said, I tested out HIF Cleansing Conditioner Hydration Support and it’s an instant hit. I wet my hair, squeezed out a fairly big blob, and then smoothed it through the hair. I started by concentrating on the mid lengths and ends, and then also worked it into the scalp. This isn’t one of the foaming ones, but the texture has great slip and slide and was easy to work through all of the hair.

I left it for 3 minutes and then rinsed. It came out easily and left my hair feeling really clean. It was easy to brush through without any detangling product. I spritzed some heat protection through and then blasted it with the hair dryer and it has left it soft, smooth, shiny and hydrated.

As you probably know, I style my hair a lot and it gets quite dry. This has given it the feel of very healthy hair in one go. You can’t argue with that.

The full range of HIF Cleansing Conditioners is available at Victoria Health. Prices range from £20 to £30. I am looking forward to the next round of amazingness from DECIEM!



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