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Hair Extensions at Extension Professional Review

24 Mar 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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I have been absolutely in love with my Pro Volume hair extensions from Extension Professional by Louise Bailey.
Hair Extensions at Extension Professional Review
I have stayed away from hair extensions forever because I have seen and heard some terrible horror stories of hair loss and balding and just never wanted to go there.
After a bad hair cut, I was convinced by Extension Professional’s founder, Louise Bailey, to give her brand a go – you can get the full scoop on all of that HERE.
I got on really well with my first set of extensions and found looking after them pretty easy. I just brushed the bonds with my tangle teezer twice a day and kept my head upright when I washed it.
Extension Professional promises zero damage to your natural hair, but I didn’t want to pass judgement on that until I had had them removed and seen it for myself. A couple of weeks ago I had just that done – keep reading to find out the verdict!

I had the extensions in for 3 months and only lost one towards the end, so I was pretty impressed with that. For my second appointment, I had them quickly removed. Louise sprayed an acetone-free solution to dissolve the bonds and then gently slid them off. There was no stress or tension on the hair and they came away really easily.

Then I did a thorough check for damage – although my hair felt really healthy and fuller than 3 months earlier, the sceptic in me had to see it to believe it.
So I saw it, then I believed it!
Hair Extensions at Extension Professional Review
This is a row of hair where the Extension Professional bonds were placed and, as you can see, there is no damage at all. In fact, the hair looks strong and healthy.
I was absolutely thrilled! So I decided to go for another set of extensions! I think just one more time, then I’ll have have a really good cut and go it alone!
So this is just before my second set. Check out the previous post, so you can see how much stronger and fuller my hair has become since I have had the extensions in.
Hair Extensions at Extension Professional Review
And this is just after!
Hair Extensions at Extension Professional Review
Love!! A before and after from the back for you!
Hair Extensions at Extension Professional Review
So obviously I have told you there’s no damage, but just in case you are interested, here is why…
Where things go wrong with hair extension is the glue bond and it has been the culprit of damaged and broken hair and cases of baldness. Extension professional have solved this problem and have developed a keratin formula that, when activated, only sticks to its self and not the natural hair. This means that there’s a tube like seal around the natural hair, rather than the hair itself being glued.
When it is time to remove them, a special acetone free remover is used and then the extensions simply slide off the hair leaving no damage. This is a whole new era for hair extensions which allow the natural to grow and remain strong. Yay!
Oh and a little tip for you – if the Hair Extensionist has to curl your extensions, it usually means that they don’t blend well with the natural hair so don’t look good straight. Louise never curls her extensions unless you really want her to!
I am 100% convinced. For more information, please visit Extensional Professional online or call FOUR London on 0207 279 9600 to arrange a consultation and a quote.

Louise bailey is London’s hair extension guru and Extension Professional is now offering accredited hair extensions training courses.
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