Hair by Sam McKnight Range - Modern Hairspray Review
By Ree

Hair by Sam McKnight Range – Modern Hairspray Review

27 Jun 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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As soon as I laid eyes on the new Hair by Sam McKnight range, I started to fall in love. It looks so gorgeous and stylish. I have been having a play with the products and wanted to give you the low down on each of the four products in the range. I particularly love the Modern Hairspray. Here are all the details.

Hair by Sam McKnight Range
Hair by Sam McKnight Range

Sam McKnight, legendary session stylist says, “With these four products, I’m aiming to inject a bit of modern effortlessness into hair. I have created a collection of hair products that are individually hyper-effective yet the sophisticated formulas work together and can be layered. They create hold, volume and texture with easy speed and brushability. These are my ultimate dry styling products, and this is just the beginning. Hair by Sam McKnight is the culmination of my experience backstage and on shoots, delivered in a can.” They are available to order online here.

Hair by Sam McKnight Range
Hair by Sam McKnight Range

Well that was pretty convincing on its own! But once I had the products in my hand, and could appreciate the gorgeous presentation and edgy names, I became even more convinced. Each one is serious eye candy, and as a collection, it looks like art. The four cans were designed by Made Thought who do so much amazing work in the fashion and beauty industry.

Hair by Sam McKnight Range

Hair by Sam McKnight Range
Hair by Sam McKnight Range

Hair by Sam McKnight Easy Up Do

This one has been developed to be used as the base product for any braid, bun or chignon. Described by Sam as “20 hair pins in a can”, it promises to make effortless looking up dos easily achievable. It has been designed to change the texture of your hair and gives body, hold and bite.

Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl

This is a lightweight texturising spray designed to deliver ‘mussed-up, deconstructed texture’. It gives the hair just enough texture to create that slightly undone feel. Sam calls it “My signature look in a bottle.” I love this because some texture sprays load up the hair too much – this one gives the hair perceptible texture whilst still allowing it to feel clean and light.

Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray

This is a firm-hold hairspray with a brushable formula. It promises to allow for mistakes as it has long lasting hold but can be brushed out if you need to. It can be  used to curl, set, straighten, hold, add shine and volume. Sam says “It’s a real game changer.”

Hair by Sam McKnight Lazy Girl

This is Sam’s ultimate dry-shampoo, formulated to give hair volume and longevity between washes. It comes as an ultra-light powder mist and is a styling product in its own right.  It deals with oiliness at the root and also delivers volume and hold.

I want to try them all properly but I had to start with one. Whilst the name and colour (baby pink) of Cool Girl was calling me (and I have had a quick go and loved it straight away), I really wanted to test out Modern Hairspray first as I love a multi-tasker. I am also a huge fan of prepping each section with a styling product before I tong.

Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray
Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray

I simply took random sections of hair, sprayed them lightly with Modern Hairpsray and and then wrapped around my GHD Creative Curl Wand (my favourite tool by far right now), working through all the sections. I am obsessed with the results. You can’t feel it in the hair, it delivers bounce and volume from nowhere and leaves locks soft to the touch. I often use hairspray to prep my hair but it can leave it a little crispy. You get the absolute opposite with Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray.

Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray
Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray

This what my hair looked like before, just in case you were interested!

Hair by Sam McKnight Modern Hairspray

Also the whole range smells so good! It uses a bespoke scent created by British perfumer, Lyn Harris, inspired by Sam’s love of gardens. It’s incredible.

The Hair by Sam McKnight range is available exclusively HERE. I’ll share more in depth reviews of Cool Girl, Lazy Girl and Easy Up Do as soon as I can, so keep checking the homepage.



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One thought on “Hair by Sam McKnight Range – Modern Hairspray Review

  1. Cool Girl Hair Barely There Texture Mist.

    What a disappointment! It definitely is ‘barely there’! Does nothing .
    The smell is really unpleasant and lingers for ever.

    To replace Schwartscopf Got2b Mess Texturizing Hair spray.which is no longer available unfortunately. SO much better, and still light texture and acceptable perfume..

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