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Hair Styled by Primark!!

30 Jan 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Hair by Primark
During a quick visit to Primark the other week I spotted some packs of jumbo velcro rollers. You get 8 for £2 and as I am pretty obsessed with my hair at the moment, they proved irresistible! I bought 3 packs.

Keep reading to see some very attractive shots of me (??) with them in!!!

Hair by Primark
They are super easy to use – I just grabbed sections and started rolling…I did a light spray of hairspray on to the hair first and they stay put really well on their own – no need for pins.
I left them in for about half an hour as this was just an experiment. I warmed everything up with a short blast from the hair dryer, let it cool and then gently pulled them out.
Hair by Primark
I was left with smooth and volumised hair which was a massive improvement on my do which I had previously let dry naturally (equals a little flat and kinky!).
Hair by Primark
I felt quite a lot like Amy Childs whilst I had them in, which isn’t really all that bad you know!!?
Hair by Primark
I just looked like me but with smoother hair when I took them out! I definitely think I’ll being doing this more. It feels kinder to my hair than blow drying and styling, and my hair still stayed smooth and bouncy all day.

Pick up these pink rollers in packs of 8, £2 at Primark.
Have you tried any of Primark’s hair range yet?

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6 thoughts on “Hair Styled by Primark!!

  1. The doughnut bun ring that Primark is fab! Its cheap as chips as well and makes it look like youve spent ages doing your hair when you spent about 5 mins!

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