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Guest Post: M2 Brows and My Brand New Eyebrows

11 Apr 2011 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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Please welcome my lovely friend JENNI RETOURNÉ, talking about her experience with M2 Beaute Brows. Visit her brilliant beauty industry blog –  yourbeautyindustry. I’ll hand over to Jenni…
On the April 2011 cover of Vogue magazine, one of the cover lines informs us ‘It’s all about the brow’. Vogue has got it spot on, of course. Never before has there been more emphasis on eyebrows and a huge range of innovative products are launching to capitalise on this trend. 
The perfect eyebrow has always been the Holy Grail for me. People are lucky these days; there is a raft of eyebrow bars available with brow experts on hand to offer advice on the best shape for your face. Unfortunately, back in the early nineties my 11 year old self had no such access to this kind of information or service; it just wasn’t available back then. So armed instead with a copy of Seventeen magazine which encouraged their young readers to go ahead and pluck their own brows, I got handy (overzealous) with a pair of tweezers, plucked my bushy brows into oblivion and have had to live with the consequences ever since. 
So imagine my joy when, having read about the new M2 Brows Eyebrow Renewing Serum on Really Ree’s blog and thanking her for showing me a product that answers all my brow-shaped prayers, the lovely Ree offered for me to guest review it for you, dear readers. So here it is! 
First of all I have to say – Oh. My. God. M2 Brows really works! Having spent nearly 20 years over-plucking my eyebrows (god that makes me feel old), I didn’t hold out much hope of them ever growing back. But having read Ree’s previous review on M2 Lashes, and guest post on BBB, seeing her amazing results and understanding how the product works, I was very excited and really hoped M2 Brows would work as well for me. 
It has been a bit of a long journey and I have spent the last 7 weeks looking ridiculous as the hairs started to grow sporadically in random places, but I remained committed and I now reap the rewards of gorgeous new brows! 
Here are my eyebrows before starting the M2 Brows treatment:
eyebrows before starting the M2 Brows
Here are my eyebrows 3 weeks into using M2 Brows – growing sporadically and generally looking ridiculous but, yey! They’re growing!
eyebrows 3 weeks into using M2 Brows
Here are my eyebrows after 7 weeks of using M2 Brows – bushy as hell and looking awful, with a few gaps where the hair hasn’t yet grown, but ready for me to go and get them reshaped!
eyebrows after 7 weeks of using M2 Brows
And finally, here is the finished result – after 7 weeks of using M2 Brows I went to Shavata brow studio to get my eyebrows reshaped. I love my brand new brows!
after 7 weeks of using M2 Brows, re-shaped by Shavata Brow Studio

M2 Brows is really easy to use – it comes in a mascara-type tube and you just apply the serum onto your brows once a day, every day using the lip gloss-type wand inside, which makes it really easy to apply exactly where you want it. For best results, M2 Brows recommends doing this before going to bed once you have removed your make up so that’s what I did.

M2 Brows says you will see results within 4-6 weeks, and that was true for me, although I would say it takes longer to see full results (more on that later). Week 4 was when I started to experience a noticeable difference – I could literally feel the eyebrows growing because the area was ‘buzzing’ and a bit itchy.

Between week 4 and week 6 they grew A LOT. At one point I suddenly felt nervous of how much they would grow! Silly I know, but it made me realise how different your face can look if you change your eyebrow shape. Week 5 was when I felt most frustrated – they had grown a lot but there were some big gaps where they hadn’t yet grown at all and I really did look silly. But as long as they grow back, it will be worth it.

My personal experience is that it takes longer than 6 weeks for proper results. Even at week 7 just before I had them reshaped, you can see from my photo that my left brow still had a big gap in the middle where it was yet to grow – I felt so silly walking round like that! And the areas at the inner edge of both brows still have a long way to go. But by using M2 Brows it allowed me to get my eyebrows to a stage where it was possible to get them reshaped, and I will continue to use the serum in the gaps that are still there in the hope that they will eventually fully form. And now that I have an actual shape to work with, I can use a brow pencil in the meantime to fill in the gaps.

Balajit, the lovely woman who reshaped my brows at Shavata (you can read my full review of Shavata brow shaping here), told me that after 20 years of over-plucking I was lucky my eyebrows grew back at all, and I put that down to the wonder that is M2 Brows.

Overall verdict – it works! M2 Brows is very expensive at £130 but if you have over-plucked eyebrows it is worth the investment if you are prepared to also invest the time required, and are prepared to walk around with ridiculous looking brows while they grow sporadically over 6 weeks or more.

M2 Beauté is available in Harrods and on the M2 Beauté website (www.M2BEAUTE.COM).

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11 thoughts on “Guest Post: M2 Brows and My Brand New Eyebrows

  1. Hi Jenni, you have very beautiful eyes, so after this change you look even better.

    I have a question: Once you obtain the results (after the 7-8 week) you need to continue using the product? I mean, if you stop you’ll eventually go back to the over-plucked eyebrows?

    1. Thanks!! Here is Jenni’s response:

      Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say so! With regards to continuous use of the product, you do not need to keep using it once you have the got the results you want – M2 Brows stimulates hair growth to make new hairs grow through, so this hair won’t fall out if you stop using the product. Be careful not to over-pluck again though!

    2. Hi Jenni! I just ordered M2Lashes and I’m praying that it is the last chunk of money I will ever have to dish out to get my eyebrows back! You mentioned that you do not need to keep using this product once your brows have grown back in. Does it say so in the instructions? On the M2Beaute website, it states for M2Lashes that if you stop using it, your lashes will revert within a few months. Since you wrote this in February, have your brows remained? Did you stop using the product fully? Do let me know. Thanks. 🙂

    3. Jenni’s response:

      Hi there! You say you ordered M2 Lashes for your brows – I just want to check that you mean you ordered M2 Brows? I can’t comment on M2 Lashes as I haven’t used it, but presumably if the website says they will revert back if you stop product use, then it is referring to eyelashes, not eye brows. With M2 Brows, once your eyebrows have grown back you can stop using it forever and your eyebrows will still stay the same – the hairs won’t fall out! I haven’t used it once in over a year and my eyebrows are still the same. I hope this helps. Good luck with your eyebrows!

    4. Oh, my mistake. I ordered M2Brows. And I also misread the dates on the blog. It seemed the previous comment was from July. Nonetheless, how are the brows holding up? Have you stopped usage?

  2. I got the M2 eyebrow as well. I Was really happy about the result, unfortunately I lost my eyebrows again shortly after I stopped using the product. As you can imagine, it was really disappointing.

  3. What happens if you stop using M2Brows? Do they revert back into the way that they were or do they stay full and healthy? I was thinking about investing in the product although I am not sure if it is worth the investment. From the photos that I saw online I don’t think that I like the results very much. Am I being to critical? Or maybe I am expecting instant gratification. Either way I would like to see more before and after pictures to be sure that I am not throwing my money away!

  4. How long will a bottle last? I really want to try and im scared tjat i wont be able to continue the treatment unless i can calculate how much i will be spendimg monthly or by monthly etc… also do you still stand by not having to keep usig it once you have your eyebrows back?

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