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Gucci Makeup UK Launch

7 May 2015 (Updated: 12 May 2015)

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Right. Oh my goodness. I have been building up to this moment for longer than I should probably admit to because it indicates obsession, but hey, I am an obsessive. I first wrote about this makeup collection, rather excitedly, back in May last year and have basically been stalking it online and pestering people about it for a whole year!! And now, I am beyond thrilled to say that I have samples of the Gucci Makeup UK Launch collection, which is available in World Duty Free exclusively.

Gucci Makeup UK

I was doing little squeals opening this bag!! I have actually written quite a few posts about these little beauties without ever having laid eyes on the products, so to actually have them in my possession feels rather ridiculously like a makeup dream come true.

Gucci Makeup UK

I think I have said before in one of the posts that Gucci was the first designer brand I ever owned. I had a Gucci bag that I literally worshipped, and then I had a watch too. I thought I was so fancy. The brand holds such memories for me and this feels like a new chapter in the love affair!

Gucci Makeup UK

Gucci Makeup UK Collection Contents

Gucci Makeup UK

The collection is huge! It has over 200 pieces including 18 foundation shades and 50 lipstick shades. Oh my god!!! The products are split across 4 families:

  • Gucci Face
  • Gucci Eye
  • Gucci Lip
  • Gucci Nail

I have one piece from each to show you, although I must confess, I am not quite ready to swatch them yet. I was thinking maybe I’d do those in a post a bit later so I have time to love them for a bit in all their perfection! Stay tuned – I will do it I promise!

Gucci Makeup – Gucci Face

Gucci Makeup UK – Gucci Face Golden Glow Bronzer
  • Lustrous Glow Foundation with SPF 25, available in 18 shades £43
  • Silk Priming Serum £39
  • Luxe Finishing Powder, available in 6 shades £39
  • Golden Glow Bronzer, available in 4 shades £39
  • Luminous Perfecting Concealer, available in 6 shades £30
  • Sheer Blushing Powder, available in 8 shades £37

Gucci Face Golden Glow Bronzer in 020 Oriental Sienna

Gucci Face Golden Glow Bronzer in 020 Oriental Sienna
Gucci Face Golden Glow Bronzer

Gucci Makeup – Gucci Eye

Gucci Makeup UK – Gucci Eye Mono Shadow
  • Magnetic Color Shadow Mono, available in 19 shades £27
  • Magnetic Color Shadow Duo, 8 palettes of 2 different shades available £38
  • Magnetic Color Shadow Quad, 11 palettes of 4 different shades available £48
  • Impact Longwear Eyepencil, available in 5 iconic shades £19
  • Precise Sculpting Brow Pencil, available in 3 shades £21
  • Power Liquid Liner £29
  • Opulent Volume Mascara, available in 4 shades £27

Gucci Eye Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in Iconic Bronze 190

Gucci Eye Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in Iconic Bronze 190

Gucci Makeup – Gucci Lip

Gucci Lip – Audacious Lipstick
  • Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick, available in 25 shades £28
  • Luxurious Moisture-rich Lipstick, available in 25 shades £28
  • Vibrant Demi-Glaze Lip Lacquer, available in 20 shades £25
  • Sleek Countouring Lip Pencil, available in 8 shades £20

Gucci Audacious Lipstick in Wild Amarena 190

Gucci Audacious Lipstick in Wild Amarena 190

Gucci Makeup – Gucci Nail

Gucci Makeup UK – Gucci Nail

Bold High-Gloss Lacquer, available in 25 shades plus base coat and top coat £20

Gucci Nail 180 Iconic Bronze

There is also a Preparation line including Perfecting Lightweight Moisturizer, Purifying Cleansing Water & Refining Gentle Toner plus 8 makeup brushes.

It is huge!! And amazing! And everything I hoped it would be so far! Obviously I haven’t dared to swatch yet. It has rendered me uncharacteristically timid, but those posts are coming soon. I needed something to distract me from Tom Ford for a little while. I think this is it!

The Gucci Makeup UK launch is happening exclusively in World Duty Free.  Yay.



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  1. Hi!! Do you mind revealing which shade is that beautiful hot pink nail lacquer that you are wearing in your photos!! I would appreciate it so so much. Thank you !!

    Best Regards, Mahnaz

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