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Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Fragrance

22 Feb 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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In 2015, Gucci released their Bamboo fragrance which featured Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot as the face of their new venture. It now comes in an updated limited edition bottle and box. I hadn’t tried the fragrance before so I was excited to see if Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition lived up to the other Gucci scents. I remember having the tiniest bottle of their Flora scent when it came out and I loved it. I’m definitely more of a masculine and sultry fragrance lover but in the spring/summer I do tend to favour lighter, more floral scents.

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Box

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Eau De Parfum comes in a gorgeous pink box which immediately grabs the eye – it’s soft and feminine but equally edgy.

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition
Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Bottle

The bottle itself is just as striking with its silver bamboo shaped lid and sharp angled bottle. It looks great on my vanity and I think they have designed a desirable bottle. I find packaging is just as important as scent when it comes to fragrance.

Gucci Bamboo Packaging
Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Packaging

This is a very floral scent but it is by no means overpowering or sickly which I am pleased about. It feels like a grown up scent which is soft but with a subtle depth of fragrance. I think the bottle and the scent go hand in hand – delicate with strong, edgy lines. I get the same vibe from the scent itself.

There are base notes of Sandalwood, Tahitian Vanilla and Ambergris which really cement the depth of fragrance. Ylang Ylang and Orange Blossom create the soft, subtle femininity and the top note of Bergamont adds an instant citrus feel.

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition
Gucci Bamboo

I find this isn’t the most long wearing, perhaps due to the soft floral feel. I’m personally used to potent, deep scents which last and maybe this is why I’m not getting an all day wear. For the warmer months, this is perfect because it is so light.

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition
Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition is available from the 1st of March exclusively here

Have you tried this? Which is your favourite Gucci fragrance?

Love Kate xo

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