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Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

27 Nov 2013 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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This is the latest product from Deciem, the creators of Inhibitif, Fountain and Hand Chemistry. Get ready for Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum. 
Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum
Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum is an active complex that promises to help your hair grow longer, thicker and fuller in as little as 8 days! Wow – that is some promise!
It does this by basically putting a rocket up the backsides of lazy follicles with a concentrated 21.5% active formulation that contains:
  • Bio-Active Pea Sprout to stimulate hair at the root (78% more than the average rate)
  • Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3 works to increase collagen production in the scalp so that every follicle is able to anchor more efficiently to minimise hair loss
  • Chinese Skullcap, Soy Sprout and Wheat Sprout to condition the hair follicles, and improve visible thickness.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – to hydrate, condition and effectively deliver the active ingredients to the scalp
Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum used daily for 4 months (that’s about 2 bottles) should result in 13,000 more hairs on average. I wonder how much that looks like?!
All you do is apply 20 drops of Grow Gorgeous (approximately half a pipette) once daily to either wet or dry hair and massage in until it’s absorbed.
I haven’t had a chance to try it yet as I haven’t been home to receive my sample but Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum is available at Boots now and costs £29.99. Products that Deciem make really do tend to work (Brandon, the chap behind the brand, is a full on genius) so I wouldn’t hesitate to try this if you’re looking for thicker, fuller, longer hair.

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13 thoughts on “Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum

    1. I have been using Grow gorgeous serum for 3 months now and was very intrigued. I have to say my hair especially my fringe grows very slowly and thin and seems to stop at my jawline but since I started using this product it is much healthier, has grown about 2 inches or more below my jawline and never has this happened, It sounds to good to be true but its great and smells lovely. It does not make your hair greasy and soaks in like water. I will be using it until Christmas to see how much my hair has grown then will continue to use it. I have just purchased the Grow Gorgeous 11 in 1 conditioner and cant wait to use it

  1. Im in the UK and using this product. Its been about 2 weeks now and hair feels stronger and shinnier. Smell is nice and you can put it in dry hair no problem. Hope it delivers on growth as my hair just never seems to go past my collar bone!


  2. I have been using this serum for 6 months now and can see a real difference My fringe was thin and never grew past my jawline but has grown inches and is the healthiest its ever been and more hair has grown. I will use this product for as long as I can as it is great, It does not cause any greasiness as it soaks in like water and smells lovely

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