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GOSH AW17 Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001 Review

30 Aug 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I’ve always been a fan of the GOSH highlighter formula and the GOSH AW17 Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001 they recently released is no different.

GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001

The Gosh Strobe ‘N Glow Kit comes with four different highlighter powders and GOSH claims it to be a  4-in-1 highlight and blush palette (although all are ‘highlighting’ powders). Each of the powders has a creamy texture, without any loose glitters or much kickback in the palette (if any). When applied to the skin they blend well and tend to have that glow from within appearance. However, be warned, these are VERY metallic and a little definitely goes a long way. It would be very easy to overdo these, so bear this in mind if you prefer a more natural look.

GOSH Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001 – Finger & brush swatches comparison

The palette itself contains four very different shades. These include a white/gold, a true gold, a bronze and a lavender highlighter (which appears white in the pan – my favourite!). The lavender shade in the palette could be considered as a blush tone. However, I’d recommend to use it more as a blusher topper as it’s very metallic.

One issue I’ve had is that the pans themselves are quite loose in the palette. My bronze tone came already detached from the base. However, the formula of the highlighters is great as despite this none of the powders were damaged! Nonetheless take extra care with this palette to avoid loosening the pans further.

GOSH AW17 Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001 – Finger swatches

These highlighters would suit all skin tones and I think would be a great addition to any makeup collection. The GOSH AW17 Strobe ‘N Glow Kit 001 retails for £12.99 and can be found on the Superdrug’s website. Find it here

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