Glossier You Fragrance - Smells Like You But Better!
By Ree

Glossier You Fragrance Review – Smells Like You But Better!

23 Oct 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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So if it wasn’t exciting enough that Glossier has arrived in the UK, then this new launch is going to send us over the edge. Glossier is the queen of cool in the beauty world and it’s expanding into perfume with the launch of the brand new Glossier You Fragrance. It is all about being understated, cool (obviously), and you but better. Here’s the low down.

Glossier You Fragrance
Glossier You Fragrance

So the truth is, this fragrance is pretty hard to describe. It is available HERE now.

Glossier You Fragrance – What’s It Like?

Emily Weiss, brand founder and ultimate cool girl says, “I want it to smell like your boyfriend’s neck after he has been wearing cologne for eight hours.” It is low key, smells clean yet warm and softly spicy, and is basically really good. It has a bit of a Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt vibe, but completely dialed down. This is a fragrance for ‘you’, not one that explodes all over the room, and is very much in keeping with the brand ethos of understated, low key chic. It smells very skin-like, in the best possible way. You could think of it as a skin enhancer.

Glossier You Fragrance
Glossier You Fragrance

The Notes

Glossier say the formula is incomplete and that you are the first ingredient!

“The three base notes melt in with your skin…
Ambrette: comfy, warm
Ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
Musk: long-lasting, addictive
And a mix of top notes that say “nice to meet you!” without overpowering the base…
Iris root: earthy, green, woody
Pink pepper: spice, sparkling”

I absolutely love the packaging. It’s in a clean Glossier-pink-fade-to-sheer glass bottle with a matte red lid. It also a cute dimple where your thumb sits when you spritz. Fun!

Glossier You Fragrance
Glossier You Fragrance

The Eau de Parfum bottle comes in a block of sturdy foam in a plastic sleevw secured with a Glossier pink band. It just looks cool (of course!). And for the fragrance fans out there, you’ll be interested to know that Emily worked with the team behind Le Labo Santal 33 to create Glossier You.

Glossier You Fragrance
Glossier You Fragrance

This is basically going to be a huge hit! The launch is set for today, 23rd October 2017, and the price is £45. The Glossier frenzy fires on! Order Glossier You online HERE.

Stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest products and launches.



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One thought on “Glossier You Fragrance Review – Smells Like You But Better!

  1. I love this! Most fragrance gives me a headache, even those I love. When I received a sample I though here I go again! But, strangely, I adore it. On me it’s very soft. You have to be pretty close to smell it. I am over the moon. I immediately ordered a bottle. I hope it’s a successs.

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