Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set Review
By Ree

Glossier Skincare Edit Review

1 Dec 2020

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This is possibly the prettiest skincare set I have ever laid eyes on. The presentation is so cute! Check out the Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set. It is back for Holiday 2o20 and here to stay. Here’s all the info.

Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set
Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set

This gift set has such unique packaging and it is recyclable which is always a bonus. Also, along with all the skincare, it contains something I never knew I needed so much – a Glossier pink head band! This is such an easy yet brilliant Christmas present.

Limited Edition Glossier Headband
Limited Edition Glossier Headband

It reminds me of my ballet lessons when I was a child, but way cuter!

Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set

What’s in the Glossier Skincare Edit?

This collection contains Glossier’s best-selling skincare in travel sizes plus a stretchy pink logo headband rounded up in a recyclable carry case that’s perfect for gifting:

Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set
Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set
  • Milky Jelly Cleanser 60ml
  • Super Bounce serum 5ml
  • Priming Moisturizer Rich 15ml
  • Original Balm Dotcom lip + skin salve 7ml
  • Rose Balm Dotcom lip + skin salve 7ml
  • Futuredew oil-serum hybrid 15ml
  • Limited-edition nylon-spandex headband printed with the Glossier G logo
  • Comes in a molded paper case tied with a reusable rubber band and gift tag

This such a great travel kit, and also the perfect way to introduce someone, or yourself, to the Glossier skincare range.

Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set

I love the Milky Jelly Cleanser and always have the mini in my travel kit, so I am pleased to have a top up. It is a great makeup melter used on dry skin, and also brilliant on wet skin for a second cleanse or light morning cleanse. It’s super conditioning and doesn’t strip skin.

Glossier FutureDew Mini
Glossier FutureDew Mini

Also, it’s great to see that the set contains one of the newest launches, Futuredew (reviewed here) This is a product designed to give you the long lasting dewy look that freshly applied skincare gives you. You get a 15ml in the set and it’s the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Glossier Balm DotCom
Glossier Balm DotCom

One of the highlights of the Glossier Skincare Edit are the super, super cute minis of the Balm Dotcom lip balms. They are so dinky and I love them!!!

Where to Buy It & How Much

The Glossier Skincare Edit Limited Edition Mini Set is £42 and available at Glossier now. 

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One thought on “Glossier Skincare Edit Review

  1. I really wanted to get this set because it looks amazing. I’ve never tried any Glossier products before but I know they’re meant to be incredible. I love the cute pink headband – what a sweet addition! I might look into getting this set if I get any money for Christmas

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