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GlamPact All In One Makeup Compact

10 Sep 2013 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Check out this self proclaimed ‘first and revolutionary’ makeup compact that carries all the makeup you need in an all-in-one, refillable and customisable palette. This is the GlamPact Makeup Compact.
GlamPact Makeup Compact
GlamPact All In One Makeup Compact

GlamPact All In One Makeup Compact
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The makeup range to choose from all contain botanical skincare ingredients and promise to be moisturising and anti-ageing and also vegan and paraben/sulphate free. The compact itself has an LED light lined mirror and is super conveniently rechargeable via a USB cable. If this lives up to all it’s promises, never again will you be hunting around in the bottom of your handbag for your makeup bits and bobs!
GlamPact’s refill system means you can select replacement products for your palette from an expanding range of makeup including pressed CC powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter, eyeshadows, and lip colour that come as ‘snap in’ refills that you easily remove with a stylus.  
The makeup is formulated with active anti-ageing ingredients including Matrixyl Hyaluronic Acid, Argan Oil, Mango Butter and Liquorice Extract to brighten.
GlamPact’s starter kit includes 2 shades of CC powder SPF25, a double sided CC applicator (with different textures for different levels of coverage), 3 cheek shades, 3 eye shades and 3 plumping lip shades plus 4 different brushes that live in the tool draw along with the USB charging cable and stylus.
Apparently GlamPact All In One Makeup Compact is launching next week at Harvey Nichols in Asia and it retails for $100USD in Black and Pink. I have no news on UK prices and availability at the moment but it is definitely on its way here. I should have a sample soon to show you. See more at

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