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Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes

28 Nov 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Yesterday I popped along to the Soho Hotel to chat to Gary Cockerill about his new range of Pro Lashes which are spearheading his entry into professional beauty products market. 
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes
I wasn’t really sure what to expect as I am familiar with him most for his work with Katie Price, who is famous for her almost iconic fake makeup look. But there is a lot more to Gary’s professional CV than that. What I got was a very calming, mild mannered and down to earth gentlemen with 20 years experience in the industry. He is very excited and passionate about his new brand, Gary Cockerill Beauty. It was an absolute pleasure to meet him and so I am delighted to let you know that the lashes are absolutely amazing. 
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes
Before I go into any detail, let me just tell you that they are all made from real hair, are artfully tailored onto an invisible and light-as-air strip, they are soft, malleable and blend perfectly with the natural lashes. AND you get 2 sets, a day and a night pair for just £14.95. That’s less than £7.50 each which is phenomenal for lashes made with natural hair and this beautifully put together. They are easily comparable with shu uemura lashes.
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes – Femme Fatale
I can honestly say that I am more than excited about these lashes because they solve all the issues I have with regular lashes. I love the long, full lash look but in general I find fake lashes hard to apply, really heavy and often quite uncomfortable. They can be way too rigid and spiky, just the look and feel of them hurts before I have even put them on!
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes – Wispish Waif
These lashes are soft and bendy and feather light – really really weightless. Love them! I shall show you some pictures of me wearing them soon.
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes – Damsel in Distress
I chatted to Gary about his top tips for lash application. Here they are:
  • Make sure the lash fits before you glue. Place it on, check in mirror, trim any excess from the outside inwards
  • Give the glue at least 30 secs to go tacky – this way they hold in place quickly and don’t slide all over the eye
  • Place the glued lashes in the centre and secure them from the outside in. These lashes are easy to  bend and manipulate to your eyeshape eye shape as they are made from natural hair
  • Once on, let them set while your eyes are closed. Before you open, bend up the lashes with your fingers or a cotton bud,  from the outside in. When you open they will all be in the right place.
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes – Very Vixen Daytime
Gary told me that the range has 8 sets and 16 different pairs, so there is something to appeal to every person for a variety of looks. Within each set there is a daytime pair and then a more exaggerated version for night time. So you can find your the look you love, and then vamp it up.
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes – Very Vixen Playtime
The range had been developed in conjunction with Nouveau Lashes and includes set entitled Cage aux False, Dolly Dreamer, Very Vixen, Sultry Siren, Wispish Waif, Ingenue Eyes, Damsel in Distress and Femme Fatale. I must add that the packaging looks really high end, a world away from many of the lashes I see in stores.
Each pack comes with a booklet with full application instructions and 2 tubes of glue. They are all reusable.
Gary Cockerill Beauty Pro Lashes cost £14.99 (2 sets) and stockists include, Charles Fox Kryolan in Covent Garden,, Amazon and select salons, spas and hotels. They are available here and here now!
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