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Frezyderm Sun Screen Review

6 Jun 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Following on from my Ladival review I’ve been almost fanatical about sun protection, even though the weather hasn’t been as kind as we’d like for June. I have my body protection sorted so I need to concentrate on finding an SPF for my face, to boost that in my skin care and foundation but which I can wear with makeup in the day.

Frezyderm sun screen
Frezyderm Sun Screen – SPF50 You Can Wear Under Makeup

Here enters Frezyderm Sun Screen Velvet Second Skin Technology  50+ which offers very high protection and is water resistant. Frezyderm have developed Second Skin as a line of products with new technology sun screen incorporated. These offer;

  • Protection from sunburn
  • Protection from photo-ageing
  • Protection from mutations
  • Protection from photo-induced immunosupression.
  • Photo-stable filters
  • Special actives to protect and repair DNA
  • Provide skin stem cells prophylaxis
  • Meet new regulations regarding UVB/UVA

Frezyderm second skin is applied directly onto the skin without leaving the typical white, ghost like mask, facial sun screens often leave. I was especially pleased to see it’s recommended as a makeup base/primer, masking wrinkles and providing a soft focus effect. I found this to be true, however I did need to moisturise well before use as Frezyderm has a consistency that has a very light, silicone feel, and therefore doesn’t provide much moisturisation. It did make a great base as I prefer silicone based primers.

In use, Frezyderm made my makeup last really well and I’ve used it daily since. I think I found it even better due to the knowledge it was also protecting my skin from all the nasty effects of UVA/B.

Frezyderm sun screen
Frezyderm Sun Screen – Innovative Packaging

The packaging is much nicer than standard sunscreen. It has an almost test tube style look to it, but with gold accents and a handy twist top pump so you can ensure it stays closed during travel.

If you have sensitive skin you’ll be pleased to know that Frezyderm is paraben free and dermatologically tested so it’s suitable for all skin types and ages. You can find Frezyderm to order online here

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One thought on “Frezyderm Sun Screen Review

  1. Frezyderm is a greek pharmacy brand and this particular product is really really amaizing!Greek you-tubers and bloggers rave highly about it !It makes skin matte and it acts perfectly as a primer and a very good face sunscreen product at the sane time!Greek women recommend it like crazy.I have to say that i highly recommend also the frezyderm cc cream(it protects from redness problems its a great sunscreen(spf30) and it covers wonderfuly like a good foundation with no orange strrange color …it gives a perfect natural finish all day ) and the volpaderm aha cream ( a strictly night cream which gives rich hydratation and it exfoliates all night long …in the morning your skin is soooooo glowy and perfect!!I love it.)

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