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Fillume Volumising Serum Review

29 Mar 2015 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Fillume Volumising Serum Review by @thebeautyhype.

Fillume Volumising Serum Review

If you’re in your early twenties, unless you’re a heavy smoker, you’re probably lucky enough not to need fillume volumising serum from Indeed Laboratories. Designed to counteract the effects of gravity and the facial sagging that can come about through smoking and getting older, this serum claims to visibly plump trouble zones such as furrow lines, naso labial creases and my ever present bugbear, crow’s feet.

Fillume Volumising Serum Review

Whilst decreasing fat anywhere sounds like it would be a good thing, it’s a sad fact of life that hitting our mid 30s often brings about a loss of facial fat that can actually make us look older. Sadly, the passing of time does no such fat loss favours to the rest of our bodies where we don’t want fat- that stays firmly in place. So whilst this serum won’t reduce your jeans size by even an inch, (shame!) it does claim to increase facial volume to help restore facial contours and help with the visual signs of ageing. One of the things that differentiates skin that looks youthful from older skins is that young skin has a plumpness and elasticity that older skin lacks. This is what Fillume serum aims to recreate.

Fillume Volumising Serum Review

How does it do it?  The makers, Indeed Laboratories, claim that the serum:

  • enhances collagen, elastin and essential proteins to provide resistance against gravity
  • increases hydration
  • boosts the hyaluronic acid content of the skin
  • forms a protective film over the skin helping to reduce water evaporation.

All of these together help to counteract the loss of facial density that is one part of making us appear older and prevent the sagging that can occur, particularly in the lower part of our faces.

So does it work? I haven’t yet given the serum the full month’s trial that I feel it would need to report back with full results, but early signs are promising. Immediately on applying (they suggest a pea sized amount, I needed slightly more) the serum was easily massaged into my skin, leaving it with a definite feeling of being softer and smoother. Importantly, as I have sensitive skin, I experienced no stinging or redness, which can often be the case when I try other serums- backing up the claim that this is a serum that is suitable for all skin types.

Fillume Volumising Serum Ingredients

Fillume Volumising Serum Review

Used under make up there is none of the pilling effect that can happen with other products. I was able to apply foundation straight over the top and it went straight onto the skin smoothly and evenly. In fact, I have the sense that even after just one application my foundation looked slightly smoother due to the product perhaps “filling in” some of my finer lines.  Equally, I felt that after a single application maybe my jawline, which has a definite lack of firmness about it these days, did look slightly firmer almost immediately.

Fillume Volumising Serum Review


Given these encouraging early results I intend to continue the trial and will report back when I have some longer-term results. The fillume volumising moisturiser from the same range has had extremely positive reviews, so I’m hopeful that the long-term benefits from this serum will be equally good.

Fillume volumising serum is available exclusively at Boots for £29.99.

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    1. I wouldn’t bothergave me red lines on my face in the morning..couldn’t go out the house,I have low confidence so this left me distraught

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