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Eylure Halloween Lashes – Spooky & Batwing

23 Oct 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Well we all seem to really get into Halloween here in the UK much more than we used to but I, for one, am certainly no professional when it comes to creating ghoulish makeup looks. And apart from that, I am generally feel more comfortable in public looking like me! Which is why I love these Eylure Halloween Lashes.

Eylure Halloween Lashes – Spooky & Batwing

They mean you can make a bit of effort but don’t need any skill and don’t need to feel embarrassed if dressing up isn’t your thing!

The new Eylure Halloween Lashes have 2 choices – Spooky and Batwing. Both come with glue for easy application.


Eylure Halloween Lashes – Spooky

Eylure Halloween Lashes – Spooky
Eylure Halloween Lashes – Spooky

Eylure Halloween Lashes – Batwing

Eylure Halloween Lashes – Batwing
Eylure Halloween Lashes – Batwing

I have been so impressed with Eylure since their amazing re-brand earlier in the year, and I think the quality of the lashes is really good. There are pretty simple to apply, thanks to a sturdy curved band and stay in place really well.

I also love the packaging – it looks really classy and it’s great that there’s a shor of what the lashes actually look like on. Makes deciding which to go for so much easier!

Find the Eylure Halloween Lashes HERE. They are currently £4.64 each.



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