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Eve Lom Kiss Mix Star Review

12 Nov 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Don’t kill me but this little beauty has made me feel really Christmassy! I know it’s only November but it can’t hurt to take a look at this super cute tree decoration from Eve Lom that holds inside the much loved lip balm, Kiss Mix. Just for Christmas, we have the Eve Lom Kiss Mix Star.

Eve Lom Kiss Mix Star
Eve Lom Kiss Mix Star
Eve Lom Kiss Mix Star
Eve Lom Kiss Mix

Eve Lom’s Lip Mix is a brilliant lip balm. It’s super moisturising, gorgeously minty fresh and works beautifully on it’s own for a natural sheen or under lipstick as a hydrating base. Fabulous! Just what you need in winter to stave off the dreaded chapped lips!

I must add, the menthol is really great during the day if you’re out and about and you feel you want to freshen up. It’s so cooling and soothing and super fresh.

And right now you get the bonus star that you can hang on the tree or give as a gift.


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  1. Hi Ree I love your blog and it’s pretty much like my everyday ‘metro’ news paper! I would love it if you followed my blog! xx

    p.s we met at the murad press event, and i sat next to you…if you remember 🙂

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