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Erborian Shot Masks Review

21 Aug 2016 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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This is definitely a case of the name winning the game for me! I have been testing the Erborian Shot Masks and absolutely loving them. I love this Franco-Korean skincare brand. They use high quality ingredients in an innovative way to achieve complexion perfection. Here’s the low down on the latest launch.

Erborian Shot Masks
Erborian Shot Masks

I absolutely love a sheet mask because they are super convenient and deliver instant results. Plus they are fun! No one in my house even blinks an eyelid when I wear one of these horror masks! This is the first time I have tried sheet masks from Erborian and there are three to choose from.

Erborian Shot Masks Features

  • Each masks offer a shot of skincare
  • Uses a special tightly woven fabric
  • Adheres to the face like a second skin
  • Each mask is saturated with half a bottle of serum
  • Three masks to choose from

Erborian Shot Masks Range

Erborian Shot Masks
Erborian Shot Masks
  • Erborian Bamboo Shot Mask for plumping
  • Erborian Blanc de Shot Mask for brightening
  • Erborian Ginseng Shot Mask for smoothing
Erborian Shot Masks
Erborian Shot Masks

The masks are super easy to use. You simply rip open the packet, unfold the mask and place it on to clean skin and then leave it in place for 15 minutes. I have tried the Blanc de Shot mask because I am obsessed with achieving a bright and glowing complexion. And it really is an amazing mask! Love it!

The sheet is literally dripping in serum which is formulated with Paeonia Albiflora which is known for its brightening effect. The sheets hugs the contours of the face brilliantly and infuses the skin with this illuminating concentrate. The sheet itself is brilliant – it actually dries out as the serum works itself into the skin and you know that the product has been delivered to where it needs to go.

When you remove the mask, the skin is drenched in the serum which you then gently massage in and you are all good. Skin is left super-hydrated, plumped, glowing and bright. This the kind of mask I’d want to use before a special occasion when I need my skin to look flawless. Love it!

The Erborian Shot Masks are £6 each and available HERE in the UK  and HERE in the US ($7.50).



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