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Elegant Touch Candy Dip Review & How To

29 Apr 2014 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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Glitter lovers come hither!! You are going to love this. This is literally sparkles everywhere but not a drop touches your actual nail! These are the Miss Elegant Touch Candy Dip kits. 
Elegant Touch Candy Dip Review
This is all the amazingness of glitter with none of the pain of removal! How good does that sound? Well it was music to my ears! The clever old nail fanatics at Elegant Touch have solved the glitter dilemma with Candy Dip. And I am loving it!!

Elegant Touch Candy Dip Review
Elegant Touch Candy Dip Review
Elegant Touch Candy Dip Review
The glitter doesn’t go on your nails because in the kit, along with 3 gorgeous pots of different style glitter, comes a sheet of double sided sticky nail wraps. Here’s how you use the Elegant Touch Candy Dip kit:
  • Select the right size wrap for your nail
  • Place it on to the clean nail
  • Smooth it from cuticle to tip
  • Peel off top piece of plastic
  • Place finger in the glitter pot
  • Shake off excess
  • Apply top coat for long lasting finish.
You can do the whole lot in 10 minutes and then when you don’t want the glitter on any more, you gently peel off the wrap, clean up the nail with nail polish remover and it’s gone. No more soaking glitter off for hours. Yay! It really couldn’t be simpler.
I think this is amazing. It’s one of those products where you think say “Why has no-one thought of this before??”. But it’s ok…it’s here now!!
Elegant Touch Candy Dip is out now and comes in 4 different ‘flavours’ – peppermint, bubblegum, lemon sherbet and blueberry crumble. ADORE. More good news? They are a serious bargain! £4.49 for a kit. Find them at Superdrug HERE.

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