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Dove Style+Care Hair Update Day 2!

26 Oct 2013 (Updated: 16 Feb 2018)

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So on Thursday I popped along to meet celebrity and fashion hair stylist Christian Wood to have my hair done and find out all above the brand new range from Dove, Style+Care. He gave me beautiful voluminous beach waves.
I promised Dove that I’d test out the products, which are all about nourishing the hair so that your style lasts longer, and see how long my hair stays looking good.
Here it was on Thursday night just as I was going to bed. No makeup and in my PJs but my hair was still looking great!
Dove Style+Care
The main product that Christian used from the range was the Dove Style+Care Dry Shampoo and it was still doing a great job at volumining and texturising at bed time!!
I worked at home all of Friday with my hair in a bun so after I had got my makeup on and got ready to go out I took out my bun and gently brushed it out with my Cloud Nine dressing brush.
Dove Hair Style+Care Cream Serum
To redefine the waves and add I bit of shine, I took at couple of pumps of the new Dove Style+Care Cream Serum and scrunched it onto the lengths and ends.
Dove Hair Style+Care Cream Serum
I really love the Cream Serum. It really felt like it added a bit of instant moisture back into the hair and gave the waves a new lease of life.
Stay tuned for a post tomorrow on what I do with my hair today!
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4 thoughts on “Dove Style+Care Hair Update Day 2!

  1. Hi Ree,

    Your hair looks incredible. I was wondering if you could tell us which curling tool was used, and if you could provide a link it it?

    Thank you

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