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Diorshow New Look Mascara. It’s Love!!!

13 Jan 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Right before I tell you anything “technical” about this gorgeous new mascara from Dior, I have to show you this…
Diorshow New Look Mascara
This is one quick coat with absolutely no other makeup on. As you can see it has the most amazing volumising and lengthening effect and I have to say that it really has been love at first sight/application.
This is potentially the best mascara I have ever tried!  

The brush was a surprise to me as I have always been familiar with the big fat brushes of the original Diorshow. At first look I wasn’t convinced that it could achieve such an amazing result.

Diorshow New Look Mascara
But as you can see, it really does, even with just one quick coat. Just the look of it is enough for me but for anyone that needs to know more about what this mascara offers, here’s a few bits of info you may like to know.
The ‘nanobrush’ is made of  ground-breaking new material and is a combination of supple rubber and resistant plastic. It features 2 parts – the lower one has 4 reservoirs and separating spikes, which load lashes from the root and allows maximum extension while the upper part has a ‘lash catcher’ micro-headto make sure you catch every one.
Lash Multiplier Serum which helps to coat each lash and the Dior Black Glass pigment with light-reflecting particles has a reported magnifying effect, increasing the depth and shine of the colour.
Excitingly, Diorshow New Look is enriched with a regenerating treatment serum, with Royal Jelly extract which repairs the damaged parts of the fibre, and re-texturises the lash. It reacts to body heat to fluidify  contact with the eyelid which allows serum to release its active ingredients as close as possible to the lash line.
So not only does it make your lashes appear longer and fuller, it is actually treating them to create stronger, thicker lashes. Yay!!
I wore this mascara all day and night yesterday and the lashes retained their dramatic effect, in terms of volume, length and colour, and there was absolutely no smudging. I carried it in my bag because it looks so beautiful, but there was no need to re-apply.
Diorshow New Look Mascara
It came off easily with my cleanser which is key as I sometimes find that long lasting mascaras are difficult to remove, which causes stress and irritation to the delicate eye area.
So, in summary, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!
It comes in 3 shades: New Look Black, New Look Brown & New Look Blue and will be available nationwide 31st January 2012 priced at £23.

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20 thoughts on “Diorshow New Look Mascara. It’s Love!!!

  1. WOW.

    I’m obsessed with long lashes right now – this is going to the top of my pay day wishlist! Thanks for posting about it (otherwise I would have never thought about it). xx


  2. I used to used Dior Show but found the last few tubes I got was really clumpy so I switched to Chanel Inimitable Intense which has a similar plasticy brush to this. It looks amazing on you so maybe I will give Dior another go!

  3. Wowww this looks amazing! I’m forever looking for the perfect mascara and this looks like it could be a winner! Bring on the 31st.

    Jade xoxo


  4. Even at £23, with results like that, I’d say it’s worth the pennies! I always have such problems with mascaras. Unless the formula is really wet it always gets clumpy quickly. :/

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