DIOR Forever Summer Skin Foundation Review & Swatch
By Ree

Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation Review & Swatch

22 Jun 2020 (Updated: 23 Jun 2020)

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The new Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation is a limited edition release and part of their Summer collection. I have it here to show you with before and after photos.

Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation
Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation

To start off, I always think it’s a bit strange when a foundation is limited edition. I just feel like it’s one of those products that should be permanent because if it turned out to be a holy grail and then it went away, you’d be way more devasted than if it was a lip or eye colour. However this is a summer product and meant to give more of a bronzy glow than a regular foundation, hence it being a limited seasonal release.

The other tricky part is that it only comes in four shades.

Initially it was actually difficult for me to tell how limiting this is because it is a sheer product, which means the shades are always way more flexible than a fuller coverage foundation. With a tint, I don’t think it’s quite as big a deal, but four shades is still not many!

However, I only have the lightest shade so it’s not possible for me to really assess. Also I have some comments to share later on how fair the lightest shade is, because, it really isn’t that fair! It is designed to bronze the skin, but I think that can be a little tricky with paler skins. Anyway, on with the review.

What is Dior Forever Summer Skin?

Described as a ‘Fresh tint 24 hour wear skin base designed to give healthy glow:

  • Long-wear makeup combined with skincare
  • Designed give skin a healthy bronzy glow
  • Heat-proof & sweat-proof formula
  • Pigments help revive the complexion to create a weightless healthy glow
  • Lightweight formula, infused with over 60% water
  • Enriched with wild pansy extract to moisturise
  • Revives the complexion with a healthy glow effect
  • 4 shades developed to enhance all skin tones, from the fairest to the darkest

Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation Swatch

I thought I was getting shade Light. When it arrived the packaging said Fair Light, which I was pleased with because I always find Dior bases come up a little dark.

Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation Swatch - Fair Light
Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation Swatch – Fair Light

With this fair-light shade, I found that it got darker as it sits on the skin for a bit – I believe this is the summer bronze element. It’s not a major problem as it’s Summer and I am loving the bronzy look but you will struggle if you are very pale.

Before & After

It does give a gorgeously glowy, yet natural looking finish, but even I felt the need for a little powder (and the brand new By Terry pressed Hydra-Powder was fab for this – review soon!). This didn’t take away the glow, it just stopped that kind of slightly sweaty look. Please note, however, the below picture shows the product without powder.


My Review

The coverage is light, but it does give a more even look to the skin, and I did find that I could layer it up a bit where I needed more coverage. The more you layer, the bronzier and glowier it gets.

I think if you are looking to cover blemishes, you will need to go in with a full coverage concealer after.

Once again in terms of the colour, it is pretty dark for a Fair-Light shade. In fact, when I was doing a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick swatch test on my Instagram Stories with First Dance and Amazing Amal, I got lots of compliments on how bronzy and glowy I looked. I had actually used a lighter shade of bronzer than I normally do, so a lot of it was definitely down to the Dior Forever Summer Skin.

It’s ironic because I thought that the main complaint was going to be that this product doesn’t cater to deeper skin tones. But to be honest, it really isn’t catering to pale and fair skin tones at all. I can make it work because I use fake tan and bronze up all the time, but if you were pale, I think you would probably struggle to make this work.

I would actually at this point have higher hopes for the darker skin tones out there, than when I orignally heard there were only four shades.

Gripes about the shades aside, I actually really enjoyed this product. I got lots of compliments on my glowing skin. It feels like skincare and is super comfortable to wear. The glow is really long lasting. I was still really enjoying the look of my skin at bedtime just before I did my night time skincare regime.

Does it Need Powder?

I was glad I powdered it with the By Terry, because I feel like it may not have lasted so well without it. The rest of the makeup I wore including my bronzer, blush and highlighter all stay put really well.

As it’s a Summer limited edition it works perfectly for the glowy, bronzy vibe that I love this time of year.  I’ll definitely be getting use out of it, and will be able to go more lightly with the bronzer to get the skin-kissed look I want.

Be sure to remember to apply SPF under this, as there’s none in the formula.

Where to buy Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation

This limited edtion is available in four shades exclusively at Selfridges in the UK for £37. If you are paler than me, you will struggle for sure. Lovers of a good glow, with a good wear-time, may really like it. If you are on the medium to deeper scale, you should have more luck.

Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation
Dior Forever Summer Skin Foundation

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you find me on YouTube.



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