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Dior Diorshow Kohl Review & Swatch

16 Jan 2015 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I showed you the Dior Diorshow Kohl in my first post about the Kingdom of Colors collection for Spring 2015, and I promised you a closer look. So here it is!

Dior Diorshow Kohl Review

Dior Diorshow Kohl Shades

So, the Dior Diorshow Kohl comes in 5 shades:

  • Smoky Black
  • Smoky Blue
  • Smoky Brown
  • Smoky Blue
  • Pearly Silver

I have the black shade and the formula is absolutely beautiful.

Dior Diorshow Kohl Swatch – Black

As you will see, the kohl is super pigmented and the formula is soft and creamy.

Dior Diorshow Kohl Swatch – Smoky Black

And it has some serious staying power – here’s the remnants of the swatch after I attempted to remove it.

Dior Diorshow Kohl Smoky Black

You know that you’re going to stay smoky for a good while  although it didn’t last quite as well in the waterline. It isn’t a waterproof formula. The nib is wide enough that you could draw it all over the lid and smudge it out or you can push it into the lash line for soft smokiness.

I used it like a liner and then lightly blended out the colour with a pencil brush. I have shown it on one eye with a bit of mascara so that you can see how quick and easy it is to create a smoky eye look with the Dior Diorshow Kohl.

Dior Diorshow Kohl Before & After – Smoky Black

Here’s both eyes so that you are not forever scarred with my wonkiness!

Dior Diorshow Kohl Review

I am loving this and I think that Smoky Blue would be amazing too. The Dior Diorshow Kohls are out now and cost £19.50 at John Lewis. See the full Spring Collection HERE and the Kingdom of Colors palette swatches HERE.



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One thought on “Dior Diorshow Kohl Review & Swatch

  1. I also just got the silver and black ones. While I really love them both so far while they are new, I’m seriously wondering what’s going to happen after the nice, fine point wears down after multiple applications. It seems like its going to be really messy trying to apply it then.

    As for staying power – you are right. These khol liners are almost the complete opposite of the It-liners which came out a while ago which have basically no staying power whatsoever and were a big disappointment.

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