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Different Ways to Use Vaseline Beauty Challenge

1 Apr 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I don’t think I am alone in saying that Vaseline is one of the longest standing and still relevant beauty products that we have in our bathroom cabinets. It gets hidden by all the bazillion other ‘must-have’ beauty bits that, as a beauty obessive, I am compelled to collect. But it’s there and it can do quite a few of the important beauty jobs!
Different Ways to Use Vaseline Beauty Challenge
Vaseline set me the somewhat impossible challenge of detoxing my stash, and seeing what things I could replace with good old Vaseline. Here’s what I came up with!

Dewy Cheek Tint

Dewy Cream Blush with Vaseline

If you have a favourite colour pigment that you’d love to wear as a cream blush, then Vaseline comes in really handy. Just work a bit of the powder on to the back of your hand and blend in a small amount of Vaseline, then lightly tap on to your cheeks. You get a flush of colour and highlight in one.
Vaseline Cream Blush
Product detoxed? Cream blush and highlighter
Summer Glossy Lids!
Glossy Eyeshadow
I always think there’s nothing sexier than glossy, softly smoky eyelids for summer and light use of Vaseline is a really easy way to get the look. I got some tips from amazing makeup artist Amanda Bell and followed her advice. I started with an eye primer, then applied a dark shade along the lash line. Next I applied a neutral shade across the whole lid area and then went into the crease with the darker shade. Then I blended everything lots and lots. To finish I lightly patted on the Vaseline, starting on the inner corner and working outwards. It does crease after a couple of hours, but so does eye gloss, and it’s easy to smooth out with fingertips.
Product detoxed? Eye Gloss.
Removing Waterproof Mascara
Waterproof mascara can be a blooming nightmare to get off, which is great because that’s the whole point of it! This week I have skipped the expensive bi-phase eyemakeup removers and have been using Vaseline on a cotton bud straight on the lashes. I leave it there for a couple of minutes while I work on the rest of my face and then remove it with a warm flannel. The mascara slides off with it.
Product detoxed? Bi-phase eye makeup remover
Curl Definer
Vaseline for hair
Well Vaseline has been working rather well on my hair too! After I curl my hair, I usually brush it through once it’s cooled to break up the waves, but then it needs something to put a bit of definition back in. I usually use an oil or serum, but Vaseline warmed up in my palms and worked through the ends does a great job too. You’ll love this trick if you don’t like highly scented hair products.
Product detoxed? Hair oils and serums
And last of all – this isn’t really a product detox but more of a handy tiprub in a tiny bit of Vaseline on to where you are going to spray your fragrance and the scent will last much longer! Bonus!
Do you have any interesting ways to use Vaseline? I’d love to hear them so leave a comment here, or tweet me – @ReallyRee. Find Vaseline on FaceBook HERE.Vaseline Original Lip Therapy is available for £2.08.- The Vaseline range is available from Boots and leading retailers nationwide.
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2 thoughts on “Different Ways to Use Vaseline Beauty Challenge

  1. I use Vaseline on top of hand cream each night before I go to sleep. A huge scoop massaged on my hands then I sleep, it doesn’t make a mess on the bed sheets and I wake up with beautifully soft hands!

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