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Colladeen Visage – Anti-Ageing & SPF in a Pill

31 Mar 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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This week I went to a super interesting presentation at W Hotel all about a pill called Colladeen Visage that promises to reduce wrinkles, improve elasticity and provide an internal SPF of 10. Interesting!!
Colladeen Visage – Anti-Ageing & SPF in a Pill
I was lured along to the event with questions like these…

How can a pill deliver a clinically proven SPF 10+?

How do plant pigments improve collagen and firm skin?
After 12 weeks can I really expect to see my wrinkles reduced?

And I got some very good answers. Woo!!

Having been tested in a 12 week trial on 60 subjects (one group of 30 being the placebo group) it has been concluded that Colladeen Visage can:
  • Improve Elasticity and Skin Firmness
  • Reduce Wrinkle Depth and Appearance
  • Achieve an SPF of 10 Natural Skin Protection (actually 13 but has to be rated as 10)
Now that is pretty impressive!
Colladeen Visage – Anti-Ageing & SPF in a Pill
Colladeen Visage does this with a potent mix of natural plant extracts high in lutein and anthocyanidins (the highest strength product available in the UK), the very same pigments that plants protect themselves from sun damage with.
The Colladeen Visage supports the skin’s main structural protein collagen and make it more able to cope with the effects of UV light. When our bodies are exposed to UV, we produce an enzyme called MMP which dissolves the precious collagen fibres.
Colladeen Visage can switch off the MMP enzymes and makes it possible for the body to start producing more collagen and elastin proteins than are broken down. Yay!!
For me, the most impressive thing about this product is the SPF element rather than the wrinkle busting!! Once you have an increased and lasting protection from the sun, ALL OVER your body, the wrinkles can worry about themselves.
Obviously for prolonged UV exposure you’ll need to apply a higher factor SPF but I love the idea that I’ll have an SPF of 13 all over and all the time, so that even if I miss a bit with the cream, I am never fully exposed.
Also, it is particularly significant considering that studies have shown that you get near to half the SPF value that’s shown on the bottle, as we are never able to apply the sun cream to the standards that it’s used in laboratory scenarios.

Also I think it’s important to note that the SPF levels grew as the trial went on. SPF 13 was achieved by the end of a 12 week period. A second study is underway will test over 20 weeks and will also consider hydration and spider veins. So more news to come.

The absolute best bit for me is the price. It’s £18.95 for 60 tablets which represents a month’s supply. I think that is really affordable for what it is.
I have been taking is for about 3 weeks so I should be protected to a minimum of SPF10 is a week or so. It’s too soon to comment on wrinkles and skin firmness but I have high hopes and 2 more boxes!
Colladeen Visage is available online at
What do you think? Will you be giving it a go?

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