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Clinique Self Sun Tinted Body Lotion Review

4 Jun 2014 (Updated: 30 Mar 2016)

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I don’t often stray far from my beloved Fake Bake when it comes to fake tanning, but I do trust a bit of Clinique so I thought I’d give the Clinique Self Sun Tinted Body Lotion a go! And I am really glad I did because it is absolutely lovely!

Clinique Self Sun Tinted Body Lotion Review

The Clinique Self Sun Tinted Body Lotion comes in 2 variants – light/medium and medium/deep. I have the medium/deep one, which I am quite glad I didn’t realise until after I had applied it, as I probably wouldn’t have dared had I known! This is a light gel-cream formula and it is really very easy to work with. I prepped my skin with the Clinique Sparkle Skin body exfoliator which is amazing by the way. I must review it for you soon!

Clinique Self Sun Tinted Body Lotion Review

As a lover of the mitt, I started off with one of those, but found it was sucking up too much product so ditched it and went commando with bare hands. I’m a risk taker! I just made sure I washed my palms and between my fingers with soap and I completely got away with it!

Clinique Self Sun Tinted Body Lotion Review

It blended in really well, it is lightly tinted so you can see where you are going and there’s definitely a nice hit of hydration in there, which is often lacking in many self-tan formulations. Also a little goes quite a long way and after one application, my tube still seems full. I think you’ll get quite a few bodies out of one bottle.

It says it develops in a few hours and I think it did, but I went to bed so I can’t say for sure. I noticed barely any fake tan smell at all – maybe a hint but I am yet to find a DHA product that doesn’t smell of DHA even a tiny bit. I have a trained fake tan nose, so most people probably wouldn’t even noticed it.

The next day I had a lovely golden tan, which although on the dark side (for me) looked really very natural and skin enhancing. For the next couple of days it seemed to deepen, ever so slightly, which I really liked. Nothing crazy, it just slightly intensified to an even lovelier colour. I am coming up to day 5 and there’s no sign of fade yet and everything is still looking evenly golden. I’m very happy! No issues with hands, no issues with feet, no issues with patches. No issues!!

If you are looking to try a different self tanner, then I genuinely think you’ll like this. It is excellent- you can find it to order online HERE



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