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Clinique Buff Brush Review

27 Mar 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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When I first met the little wonder that is Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick AKA the Chubby foundation stick, I also met this lovely thing, the new Clinique Buff Brush which launches soon. Here are the details.

clinique buff brush
Clinique Buff Brush Review

I am a huge fan of buffing brushes for applying and blending foundation into the skin and this Clinique one is particularly lovely.

clinique buff brush
clinique buff brush

Clinique Buff Brush Features

  • Tapered shape fits any face angle
  • Delivers an airbrushed finish
  • Very dense, very soft hairs
  • Bristles are tiered to seamlessly buff product into the skin
  • Suitable for liquid, cream and powder foundations
clinique buff brush
Clinique Buff Brush Review

My first experience of the Clinique Buff brush was at the brand event where, as well as the Chubby foundation, I also met the new Pop Lacquers, the Sheer Lip Pops, and the Lid Pops. Florrie White, Clinique’s lead makeup artist, drew the foundation stick in Ivory through the centre of my face and then blended it out with the new Buff Brush.

clinique buff brush
New Buff Brush

The result was really flawless and it was perfect for diffusing the stick formulation. I have also been trying it with liquid foundation and it works brilliantly. It’s fab. Teamed with the Chubby foundation, it’s the quickest face base combination ever! It also washes up really beautifully.

The Clinique Buff Brush is £23 and is available exclusively online HERE in the UK along with Chubby in the Nude. US readers – the brush is available HERE.



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One thought on “Clinique Buff Brush Review

  1. Hello. I came to your blog because it was the first review I found of the Bobbi Brown eye brow gels, and then I saw this. This Clinique buffer is a thing of beauty (I have always loved the silver and lucite thing that Clinique have going on) and I look forward to finding out how it stands up to everyday use – we all know that shedding can be an issue with any brush, but particularly the “fatter-headed” face brushes. I’ve been dallying with the idea of the Sigma F80 (highly recommended by so many) but think I will wait a while now and see how this Clinique brush is received. Thanks for the post.

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