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Clinique Beyond Rose Fragrance Review

24 Jun 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Oh my goodness, I have completely fallen for this gorgeously sensual and serious new fragrance from Clinique, Beyond Rose. It is utterly stunning – I am properly obsessed!

Clinique Beyond Rose Fragrance Review

Brand new Clinique Beyond Rose is inspired by Middle Eastern fragrance culture and you can tell. It has that serious depth of spice and smokiness you associate with Arabian perfume but with a really modern twist. The Rose is just gorgeous and about as far as you can get from the old-fashioned take on rose. It has an oudh-y feel in a way I really like! Not overpowering but definitely there.

I am smelling it as I am writing and I just keep wanting to type “oh my goodness” but I must refrain. Attempt to describe it intelligently Ree! Let me tell you about the notes!

Clinique Beyond Rose Notes

Clinique Beyond Rose Fragrance Review

Clinique Beyond Rose opens with White Pepper, Freesia and Mate Leaves and it instantly draws me in (as you’ve probably guessed!). The heart notes are comprised of a blend of Rose Absolute and Rose Oil along with Osmanthus which has a softly fruity yet leathery scent. It is compounded with the yet more leathery addition of Styrax. The amazing depth it has comes from base notes of Amber, Benzoin (incense quality) and Cistus Labdanum which add an almost mythical feel.

Clinique Beyond Rose Fragrance Review

It is totally different for Clinique – even the bottle looks like nothing we have ever seen from the brand, and shows Arabic design influence. It definitely looks like it has been designed with the Middle Eastern market in mind yet it is still pushing all my buttons.

Clinique Beyond Rose is a worldwide exclusive to Harrods and costs £110.



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2 thoughts on “Clinique Beyond Rose Fragrance Review

  1. If you are travelling via Dubai airport – check out this fragrance there. it is priced at $110 USD. Quite a saving compared with the Harrods price in the Uk. I don’t usually like rose, or spicy scents (I like clean, sharp fragrances), but Beyond Rose is rather lovely, very like Molton Brown Pink Pepper Pod.

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