Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection from Clean Reserve
By Ree

Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection from Clean Reserve

14 Apr 2020

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When I first saw this home range I felt like it was just what I needed to lift my spirits and make my home somewhere I really want to be. Here’s a look at the brand new Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection.

Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection from Clean Reserve
Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection from Clean Reserve

How gorgeous does all this look? If you haven’t come across fragrance brand Clean Reserve before, let me give you a bit of background.

Exclusive to Space NK*, they  use green manufacturing processes, eco-conscious packaging (even the cellophane is made from corn starch and is fully compostable), and the ingredients are all responsibly sourced. Their attention to detail and commitment to sustainability is impeccable.

What’s in the Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection?

The latest launch is all about comforting scents and accessories for your home. It is just divine and you can enjoy each of the products safe in the knowledge that there’s no compromise on the wellbeing of the planet and people:

  • Natural Soy-Blend Candles £44
  • Liquid Reed Diffusers £46
  • Linen & Room Sprays £40

Each scent is sustainable, and curated to uplift any room:

  • Warm Cotton – a comforting scent reminiscent of freshly-washed clothes
  • Rain – a rejuvenating scent inspired by the beauty of a passing rain shower that leaves behind a crispy, watery freshness
  • Fresh Linens – a relaxing scent evoking the carefree feeling of sleeping in on a sunny weekend morning, wrapped in soft linens.

Clean Space Natural Soy-Blend Candles

These are such stunning candles. I absolutely adore the design and it looks so unique.  They are paraffin-free to guarantee a clean burn without toxins. Each candle is vegan and uses a natural soy-blend wax with two cotton wicks. They have a burn time of 40 hours.

Clean Space Warm Cotton Candle
Clean Space Warm Cotton Candle

I have the scent Warm Cotton and it is delicious. It combines Sandalwood ethically harvested by local tribes in Sri Lanka, with Mandarin Oil cultivated by local communities in Brazil.

Clean Space Liquid Reed Diffuser

I think this is the loveliest reed diffuser I’ve come across. It is made using sustainable ingredients, natural rattan reeds and 100% vegan oil. I love the way you can re-use the glass vase once the diffuser has finished diffusing! It is designed to last up to 90 days.

Clean Space Rain Reed Diffuser
Clean Space Rain Reed Diffuser

I have the rain scent which is inspired by ambience of a passing rain shower that leaves behind a crispy, watery freshness. It uses Cedarwood Oil which is harvested by Clean Space’s fragrance partner who works closely with partners in Alabama, Missouri and Texas where the raw material grows.

They are working to master the production of Cedarwood Oil from the logs with state-of-the-art distillation, resulting in one of the most sustainable supply chains in the range of available aromatic woods. This in turn helps to sustain jobs in the communities that harvest the oil.

Rain also uses a Lavender harvested in partnership with farmers in the South of France. Those farmers are guaranteed a certain amount so that their incomes are protected and they can continue to viably grow crops with fair pricing. Also, proximity of fields to the production facility helps minimise the carbon footprint.

Finally, Rain has Patchouli Oil from Indonesia in sourced via a program that supports local farmers.

Clean Space Room Spray

I have the Fresh Linens room spray and I’m obsessed with it. It is the perfect pick me up first thing in the morning after I open the curtains and make the bed. I spritz it over the bed and around the room, and the world feels a bit fresher and brighter. It is has become a key part of structuring my days at home.

Clean Space Fresh Linens Room Spray
Clean Space Fresh Linens Room Spray

The Fresh Linens scent is super relaxing and uses Bourbon Vetiver specially sourced from Madagascar which is basically the perfume equivalent to the wine industry’s Grand Cru designation. In Madagascar, the roots are distilled near the fields which minimises the carbon footprint.

I absolutely love this collection and it’s definitely making my home so much lighter and brighter.

Where to buy the Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection

The candles, reed diffusers, and room sprays are available exclusively at Space NK*.

Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection from Clean Reserve
Clean Space Home Fragrance Collection from Clean Reserve

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. The Facebook page is here and make sure you find me on YouTube.

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