Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk Review & Swatches - Spring 2020
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Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk Review & Swatches

7 Jan 2020 (Updated: 8 Jan 2020)

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The Milkshake collection from Clarins for Spring 2020 has a really interesting complexion product in there. Check out the Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk – I have all the info here along with swatches of every shade and before and after photos.

Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk
Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk

I was really keen to try this as it is all about a glowy, dewy base and it’s also pretty good value for money at £30 for 50ml.

What is Clarins Milky Boost?

Milky Boost is a shade adaptive tinted moisturiser, or ‘smart tint complexion milk’:

  • Contains micro-encapsulated pigments that break as you apply and adapt to your skintone
  • Encapulation technology preserves the formula’s skincare benefits
  • Offers eight hours of hydration
  • Features the Clarins anti-pollution complex
  • Peach tree milk gives the formula a milky texture that softens, soothes & hydrates
  • Organic kiwi extract boosts skin’s energy
  • Blends easily into the skin
  • Light, refreshing fluid that doesn’t clog the pores
  • Smooths texture, minimises imperfections and signs fatigue
  • Available in 5 shades
  • Bottle is 100% recyclable.

Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk Swatches

This adaptive fluid comes in five shade options:

  • 01 Milky Cream
  • 02 Milky Nude
  • 03 Milky Cashew
  • 04 Milky Auburn
  • 05 Milky Sandalwood

Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk Swatches Shades 1-5
Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk Swatches Shades 1-5

Each one dispenses as a white fluid then transforms into a skin tone shade as it is lightly worked into the skin:

Before & After Photos

The first time I used this product I went for shade 01 Milky Cream which worked well. The next time I went for 02 Milky Nude which I actually preferred because it gives a very slightly warm glow on my skin tone that’s really flattering.

02 Milky Nude
After – 02 Milky Nude

As the formula is skin tone adaptive, I can get away with either shade.

Clarins Milky Boost Review

It is really easy to apply. I just put a few little white blobs all over my face, and then use my fingers to activate the pigments and blend it into my complexion. It gives a really sheer, natural looking coverage that subtly evens out skintone, balances redness and gives a soft, dewy finish. If you want full coverage then this probably isn’t for you, but you could go in with foundation or concealer in a more targeted way, just where you need extra coverage.

Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk
Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk

It will be ideal for no makeup days where you just need a bit of help to feel human. It doesn’t have an SPF but I have been using it over Great 8 by Elizabeth Arden which is one of my top products for 2020.

One thing I should mention: it smells very peachy. The fragrance does fade away, but if you don’t like scented products, you may want to steer clear.

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Where to buy it

The Clarins Milky Boost is £30 and  is available in 5 shade options at Clarins* and Debenhams*. You can get 10% off if you’re a first time shopper at Clarins, and three free samples if you spend £50.

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3 thoughts on “Clarins Milky Boost Healthy Glow Milk Review & Swatches

  1. I think this is a gimmicky product, not like a foundation, maybe closer to a CC cream..on those days where I want to wear little makeup, I can go for a light foundation, rather than this weird product , it seems like totally unnecessary to invest in it, unless you are curious about it, or have good skin. Thanks for the review !

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