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Clarins Joli Rouge Swatches – 25 Shades on Lips!

27 Aug 2015 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I have already written about the reformulation and new shade line up for the Joli Rouge lipstick from Clarins. You can check out the photos and ‘arm’ swatches here but I thought it might be useful to show you all the shades on my lips too. I was going to include these in the first post but there are just too many shades! So here are all 25 Clarins Joli Rouge swatches. Enjoy! And please forgive any sloppy application if you will. I love makeup but I am no pro!

Clarins Joli Rouge Swatches – 25 Shades on Lips!

Clarins Joli Rouge Swatches – 25 Shades on Lips!

  • 701 Orange Fizz
Clarins Joli Swatches – 701 Orange Fizz
  • 705 Soft Berry
Clarins Joli Swatches – 705 Soft Berry
  • 707 Petal Pink
Clarins Joli Swatches – 707 Petal Pink
  • 711 Papaya
Clarins Joli Swatches – 711 Papaya
  • 713 Hot Pink
Clarins Joli Swatches – 713 Hot Pink
  • 715 Candy Rose
Clarins Joli Swatches – 715 Candy Rose
  • 723 Raspberry
Clarins Joli Swatches – 723 Raspberry
  • 731 Rose Berry
Clarins Joli Swatches – 731 Rose Berry
  • 732 Grenadine
Clarins Joli Swatches – 732 Grenadine
  • 737 Spicy Cinnamon
Clarins Joli Swatches – 737 Spicy Cinnamon
  • 738 Royal Plum
Clarins Joli Swatches – 738 Royal Plum
  • 740 Bright Coral
Clarins Joli Swatches – 740 Bright Coral
  • 741 Red Orange
Clarins Joli Swatches – 741 Red Orange
  • 742 Joli Rouge
Clarins Joli Swatches – 742 Joli Rouge
  • 743 Cherry Red
Clarins Joli Swatches – 743 Cherry Red
  • 744 Soft Plum
Clarins Joli Swatches – 744 Soft Plum
  • 745 Pink Praline
Clarins Joli Swatches – 745 Pink Praline
  • 746 Tender Nude
Clarins Joli Swatches – 746 Tender Nude
  • 747 Rosy Nude
Clarins Joli Swatches – 747 Rosy Nude
  • 748 Delicious Pink
Clarins Joli Swatches – 748 Delicious Pink
  • 749 Bubble Gum Pink
Clarins Joli Swatches – 749 Bubble Gum Pink
  • 750 Lilac Pink
Clarins Joli Swatches – 750 Lilac Pink
  • 751 Tea Rose
Clarins Joli Swatches – 751 Tea Rose
  • 752 Rosewood
Clarins Joli Swatches – 753 Rosewood
  • 753 Pink Ginger
Clarins Joli Swatches – 753 Pink Ginger

And that’s my full Clarins Joli  Swatches line up! It’s time like this I wish I was better at applying lipstick or had better lips! I love most of these lipsticks with the exception of Royal Plum which I totally can’t pull off and Spicy Cinnamon which is just a little too warm for me. I am in love with Red Orange, Praline Pink, Delicious Pink, Petal Pink, Rasperberry and Papaya.

If you want to see the Clarins Joli  swatches on my arm so you can compare shades next to each other, check out this post.

The Clarins Joli Rouge 2015 collection launches September 2015. They are £19.50 each.



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2 thoughts on “Clarins Joli Rouge Swatches – 25 Shades on Lips!

  1. Hi! Love this so much thank you!! One question – have you mixed up 745 and 747? Pink Praline was supposed to be the lightest shade but 747 rosy nude – on the lips looks lighter?

    Thank you!

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