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Clarins Extra Firming Mask Review

29 Jul 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Here’s a brand new mask from Clarins that promises to smooth stress lines, firm the skin and revive radiance. Here are the details on the Clarins Extra Firming Mask which joins the current Extra Firming range.

clarins extra firming mask
Clarins Extra Firming Mask Review

So this one is about counteracting the effect of facial expression – apparently our 30 facial muscles are used over 10,000 times per day and cause stretching of the fibroblast. This results in tension lines. Clarins to the rescue!

Clarins Extra Firming Mask Features

clarins extra firming mask
Clarins Extra Firming Mask Review
  • Cocktail of key ingredients designed to combat signs of a hectic lifestyle
  • Palmitoyl Glycine reduces appearance of tension lines
  • Clarins Firming Complex reinforces collagen fibres & prevents loss of firmness
  • Accola Seed Extract encourages oxygenation of cells and revives radiance with its Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic Acid maintains hydration
  • Jojoba, mimosa & sunflower waxes nourish and comfort the skin
  • Works in 10 minutes to relax and soften lines
clarins extra firming mask
Clarins Extra Firming Mask Review

I have  given this a quick whirl and it’s very enjoyable to use. I love the firm, bouncy texture and the violet shade. As you apply it to the skin it turns into a soft cream-gel texture and feels really comfortable. You simply wash it off and it leaves skin looking refreshed and calm. It plumped and hydrated my skin really effectively and I think this would make a great pre-makeup treatment if you especially wanted everything to go on really smoothly.

Clarins Extra Firming Mask is £46 for a 75ml jar and it is available in the UK HERE and in the US HERE.



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