Clarins 4 Colour Pen Review & Swatches - The Makeup Biro
By Ree

Clarins 4 Colour Pen Review & Swatches – The Makeup Biro

6 Oct 2017 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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So I first spotted this gadgety piece of makeup back in January when it launched in the US. At that time, there were no plans for it to launch in the UK which was disappointing because I was super curious. The good news is, they changed their minds and we are getting it after all. It must’ve gone down well in the US! Here’s the low down on the Clarins 4 Colour Pen.

Clarins 4 Colour Pen
Clarins 4 Colour Pen

This product gives me all the retro vibes. I used to have a BIC pen like this, and totally loved it. I also had an even chunkier pen with what felt like hundreds of colours, but the BIC was much more practical.

Clarins 4 Colour Pen
Clarins 4 Colour Pen

And this makeup take on the pen is all about practicality as you’ll only need to carry one product for lining lips and eyes, and defining the brows.

Tutorial Video

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Clarins 4 Colour Pen Features

  • Retractable pen
  • Twist up mechanism
  • Black eyeliner and blue eyeliner
  • Brown multi-use liner shade (eyes and brows)
  • Nude lip shade
  • Uses a complex of sunflower, jojoba and black acacia waxes for all day comfort

Clarins 4 Colour Pen Swatches

I think this is the first time I have been able to get four swatches out of one pen!

Clarins 4 Colour Pen
Clarins 4 Colour Pen
  • Intense Black – for eyes
  • Chocolate Brown – for eyes, brows and freckles
  • Indigo Blue – for eyes
  • Univeral Nude – for lips
Clarins 4 Colour Pen Swatches
Clarins 4 Colour Pen Swatches

You select the colour you need just as you would with the biro version, and then twist up to reveal the colour. The texture is pretty smooth and the colour payoff is good. I think this will come in handy. I imagine I’ll be left with lots of blue liner though when all the other colours have run out!

The Clarins 4 Colour Pen is available now for £28. Find it HERE.

Stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for live updates.



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