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Ciate Shell Manicure Review & Swatch

25 Apr 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have been playing with the brand new Ciate Shell Manicure kits and I have found a favourite! Take a look!
Ciate Shell Manicure Review

There are 3 colourways in the Ciate Shell Manicure range. I have 2 to show you – Wish Upon a Starfish and Mermaid You Look. There’s also She Sells Sea Shells which is pink toned. 

Ciate Shell Manicure Review – Mermaid You Look
My absolute favourite of the 2 is Mermaid You Look. I adore the beautiful Ciate Pillow Fight which is a soft lilac grey and it’s Mermaid You Look crushed shell accompaniment tones in wonderfully and has multi-coloured twinkle as it moves. 
Ciate Shell Manicure Review – Mermaid You Look Swatch
In fact, if you are interested in seeing it move, take a look at my very short instagram video. It even twinkles in fairly dim light! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram while you’re there. You’ll see lots of sneak peeks as well as other stuff!!
I love it as an accent nail but would be totally up for a full set of this shade too! I like it so much more than I thought I would.  I had my first play with the Ciate Shell Manicure in Wish Upon a Starfish but it was a practise one and didn’t go so well. I didn’t pack enough shell on. I definitely think you need to ensure the nail is completely covered and the polish is wet enough to grab lots of product. All you do is paint each nail and then pour on the product while it’s wet. Tap the shell in place, let it set and apply a top coat.
Ciate Shell Manicure Review – Wish Upon A Starfish
I am going to try that one again soon. I don’t think I I’ll like it at much as Mermaid though. So what do you think? Are crushed shells the new glitter for you??
The Ciate Shell Manicure is available at Selfridges May 2014 for £20.

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  1. I love them! I really want acrylics and im not sure if this would work as well on them but i will try! Great post!!

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