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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

10 Nov 2015 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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What a lovely way to launch a brand new product! Inside Charlotte Tilbury’s advent calendar for 2015 is a little sneak peek at a 2016 product launch that hasn’t even been revealed to the press yet. It is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream and it is absolutely lovely!

Buy the full size HERE.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

Now, information on Magic Night Cream is pretty scarce as the official launch is planned for the end of the month, but I do have a pot of it along with a list of ingredients, which is a very good place to start!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Ingredients

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

The texture is gorgeous. It is a rich balm that’s a little bit like 8 hour cream in texture but a lot less greasy.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

Charlotte calls it her Instant Beauty Sleep in a Cream Elixir. It’s actually quite mask-like, and instantly smooths and plumps the skin. I have used it twice and both times woke up with super hydrated, juicy skin, as it seems to lock in moisture and add a serious does of nourishment. It is fab.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

I am definitely taking it on my next long-haul flight, I think it will be amazing to stop skin from drying out high up in the air.

Find Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream HERE.



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9 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream Review

  1. The ingredients don’t seem ‘magic’ to me and are common. It looks like it has a little retinol in it, but you could get that in a much less expensive cream (I am assuming expensive based on the price of her original cream). It has some fragrant flower extracts under their Latin names (like nicotiana sylvestris is tobacco flower), but I have so many plant allergies I’d look like a tomato if I used this.

  2. I received a sample of this in a XMAS card from Charlotte tilbury, ive the most sensitive skin scared to use new products but this is amazing instantly the most beautiful my skin has ever looked!! Can’t wait to buy it! The feel of this on your skin is like nothing else love love love well done again charlotte

  3. Just bought this and after using it for the first time I really hate the way it doesn’t absorb at all even after a few hours, I feel like I have syrup on my face, but I will persevere and see how amazing my skin is in the morning as that’s what it claims will happen ! Can’t wait …

    1. It doesn’t sink in. I always feel it on my skin still in the morning – but I feel it really locks in moisture and I like how my skin looks after I have used it x

    2. It never absorbed into my skin. It was SO sticky on my face! My hair was sticking all over my face! My face did look nice in the morning though 🙂

  4. It does feel sticky on your face but your face feels SO SOFT. I had dry patches on my face that simply disappeared after using for 2 days. This is pricey for my budget but so worth the expense! I am 63 and my skin plumps up and the deep lines just fade away. I will definitely keep using. A little goes a long way so my pot will last a long time.

  5. I LOVE the day cream I feel naked without it but I’ve just applied the night cream I received as a gift and it feels awful ;( I’ll wait till the morning but the urge to wash it off is strong! Disappointed

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