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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

11 Jun 2015 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I don’t know a lot about this so far apart from the fact that I received a very interesting little secret sample a few months back when Charlotte launched her Eyes to Mesmorise Cream Eyeshdaows and the amazing Norman Parkinson collection. I have been having a little play with it and a bit of deduction indicates to me that this is what is going to be called the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation. I have also seen that there’s going to be a Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand. I am beyond excited about that but no secret sample for this yet.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

And as this is a secret sample, I don’t know much else about it right now. I have none of the exciting product info (and Charlotte’s is always exciting) so I can’t tell you about ingredients, how the ‘magic’ works or anything else like that.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

I am wondering if Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation contains an element of Charlotte’s iconic product, Magic Cream? Or is it just a ‘magic’ foundation that makes every look super amazing? Or maybe it’s both?!

It has to be said, I pretty much love all Charlotte Tilbury products. They are all developed from the perspective of being inside the brain of a woman that wants to look as close to a super model as is humanly possible. If that woman could dream up products in the clever way that Charlotte does, I think the dream would be exactly what the CT brand is delivering…if that makes any sense at all?!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Swatch

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Swatch

So from my deductions,  I am going to say that this is a full coverage foundation with a natural looking velvety matte finish. There’s been a huge trend for complexion products of this ilk in the last year. And this formulation is just beautiful. It literally melts into the skin, and as it does it appears to erase my enlarged pores (instantly) smooth right over my fine lines (instantly) and leaves a soft glow along with the most comfortable feel.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Before & After Photos


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – Before Photo


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – After Photo

It is easily buildable and layerable and I found it expert at covering the darkness/blue tones under my eyes. It immediately cancels out redness and basically delivers a perfected complexion, without the heavy look or feel of full coverage makeup.  My skin feels soft to the touch, and like it can breathe. I don’t feel like I need concealer with this.

I have no idea what shade this is, but quite by magic, it is my shade. Excuse the pun.

If I have got this right, and I think I have, then Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation has most definitely been given the right name. It looks like another triumph. Light Wonder is one of my favourites for Summer and this one will most definitely be the winter favourite. Exciting! And I cannot wait for Mini Miracle Eye Wand. She delivered Magic so I think she can handle mini miracles!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation is now live! Find it in stock HERE



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5 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation Review

  1. Great review! This should work nicely on me.

    Have you had exposure to the Magic Complexion Brush? It was featured in the Miss 1975 video for applying the Sun Tan cream in the CT x Norman Parkinson Filmstar Bronze and Glow Sun Tan and Sun Light. One review said it shed but I read that about Tom Ford’s creamy foundation brush as well. Are there dupes to this type of brush? Thanks!

    1. Hiya. I have that brush but I haven’t tried it yet. Will blog it soon! I am obsessed with Zoeva and Real Techniques brushes. Also Tarte and Sephora! xxx

    1. Hi there

      I am not sure but I can try and find out.

      I use shade 2 if I am light and 3 if a bit darker in Light Wonder if that help. I think 2 is my fave xxx

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