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Chanel Dreams Coming True At Harrods

22 Nov 2010 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Ok so this is a super special post. As I sit down to write it, I know this is going to be probably the most enjoyable and indulgent post I have ever written.
And that is because on Friday, at about a quarter to five, in the almighty Harrods, my absolute, ultimate, most distracting and consuming fashion dream came true. I bought a classic Chanel handbag. It was genuinely an important and fanfare worthy moment for me.
As I write this, I have to be honest and say that I am feeling an overwhelming wave of emotion because it honestly means so much to me. This hasn’t been one of my many flippant impulse buys, this is completely another thing. It has been many years in the making. It has been a passion and a source of pleasure and pain. This may sound ridiculous but it’s just how I feel.
It has been a dream. And for a long time, it was just that. A dream. I never actually thought I would own one. Then a few years ago, I was made redundant and decided that maybe I should get it then. I did a lot of talking about it, probably too much talking….and eventually talked myself out of it. Other things came along that seemed more urgent. So it never happened and I kind of put the dream back to where it had always been. Way on the back burner.
And then this week I was having my weekly telephone catch up chat with my mum. As usual, we talked about the normal things. You know, what to buy my son for Christmas, the latest supermarket deal on Malborough Sauvignon Blanc, Fashion Articles that she has cut out of the Telegraph and posted to me. 
And then she suddenly said, “You really must buy that Chanel bag you’ve been talking about forever. The last thing you want is to wait until you’re 60 to start swinging it around”.
Whilst the mere suggestion that I would ever be 60 nearly made me sick on the spot, a sudden surge of huge excitement rushed through me. She was right. I’m getting on a bit. I turned 36 this year and if I am not going to get this bag now, when am I going to get it? 
So it was crunch time. I was either going to have to give up the dream completely or bite the bullet, stop chatting about it and get the credit card out. Now or never? Oh my goodness this was exciting stuff! Although I didn’t make the decision instantly, you can’t when you are talking about THAT much money, I did kind of know what I was going to do.
I was only going to buy the bloody thing!!!!! Yay!!!!!  Well done Mummy! 
And then for the next three days it was literally all I could think about. I decided that the specific requirements were jumbo classic flap in caviar. On those details I was certain. 
I always assumed that I would have silver hardware. But conversations I had with fellow style bloggers had thrown the gold hardware in to the arena. In turn, this had thrown me into a complete frenzy. Oh my goodness. Gold or silver? In a panic, I sent the question out to the wonderful Twitterverse. 
Gold came back as the hardware of choice.  But every time I closed my eyes and imagined the bag, I saw silver. I decided that I had to go with the dream. It had to be silver. Please do be aware that I know how dramatic I am sounding right now!
So I had been phoning around the London Chanel Boutiques and quickly realised that the jumbo beauty I wanted was in rather short supply. I had learned that morning that the lovely people at Chanel’s Brompton Cross boutique had one.
But because I had spent so much time agonising over the silver/gold issue (my friend Vik told me that I actually looked ill), by the time I phoned Brompton Cross to put the bag on hold, it had gone! Gutted does not begin to describe…
And so just as I was about to give up and go to bed (yes this was during the day but I was feeling defeated), I remembered Harrods. How could I have forgotten?
I phoned them and they had one. One!!! They had one!! But would it still be there by the time I got there??? Stress! More stress! This was supposed to be fun!
So I made a desperate plea to Harrods via Twitter. And then an email arrived from Lisa, the Social Media Manager at Harrods. This angel sent from heaven had been to the Chanel boutique, tracked down my bag and put in on hold for little old me! Amazing! Everything was good again!!!
So I picked up my boy Ben from school and we hot-footed it to Knightsbridge. The lovely Lisa came to meet us at Chanel and she stayed and chatted to us while I bought the bag. I bought the bag!!!! Finally!!! 
It was amazing. The staff at Chanel were so lovely that it made parting with that amount of money fairly painless.  We sat and relaxed whilst they packaged up MY bag in a gorgeous box.
Lisa gave Ben a beautiful tin of biscuits with a music box inside. It played ‘Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer’ and he absolutely loved it. He also got a badge, a tree decoration and a giant choccy coin. Way to go Harrods! Ben didn’t stop talking about Lisa the whole way home. I think he’ll actually want to come shopping with me next time!
And as for me, well I am ecstatic! My friend Vik and I are planning to visit the Veuve Clicquot bar at Harrods to celebrate getting my dream bag and relive the moment. Vik is my ultimate shopping partner in crime. If it wasn’t for her, I would probably never even considered buying a Chanel handbag in the first place! So she’s a little disappointed that I did this one alone! Another Harrods trip will make up for it.
We can’t wait! And when I say we, I mean Vik, myself and my baby Chanel.
Thanks Harrods and especially Lisa for helping to make my dream come true. Having an amazing shopping experience makes finally owning the bag even sweeter than I imagined.
And here are the photos of my new baby.







It is definitely love. Don’t we look happy together?
So what do you think? Am I completely and ridiculously over dramatic?! Or have you felt like this about something? Have you received service that makes your day?
Can’t wait to hear from you

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24 thoughts on “Chanel Dreams Coming True At Harrods

  1. This is such a lovely story and yes, I totally understand and no, you are not being over-dramatic. When you finally buy something that you have really really wanted and in some ways think that you might never actually be able to get just because life gets in the way, it really does feel like a mjor achievement. With me it was a Cartier watch. I will never want a another watch. I don’t care what comes onto the market, I love this one and will love it forever. Enjoy your bag!x

  2. I am so unbelievably jealous! I have always though that it would be one thing that I would always want but never get and now you have shown me that one day I will get one. YEY! Beautiful post x

  3. This post makes me excited just reading about buying that bag!

    I think you have every right to be over dramatic – it is the bag that all girls dream of – like the bag version of being a princess!

    For me, I would never purchase a designer item from an online store because I love the service you get in the shops and the feeling of happily swinging the carrier bag down the street knowing that you are holding on to something special.

    I wish you all the happiness in the world with your new bag 🙂


  4. What a wonderful story you look amazing together! I totally understand I felt the same when I got Alexa for my landmark birthday this year. I had never came across an icon or it bag that felt like mine then I saw her and the rest is history! I wish you health to wear your gorgeous purchase and congratulate on your new best friend!


  5. Firstly, gorgeous bag, love it!

    Wow, I can’t believe we had the same thoughts! I turned 36 this year and went and got a mulberry bag (not at chanel level yet!) but I thought exactly what you did, when will i buy a designer bag, when i’m 40, 50?? lol! x

  6. I love your bag! Excellent choice! You are definitely not over dramatic! I remember when I bought my Chanel 2.55, I was in retail nirvana watching the sales assistant wrap my bag for about 20 min! Enjoy your new purchase!

  7. O.M.G. Dying over here! So excited for you … my dream bag as well and I’m certain I’ll have similar feelings of turmoil and utter elation if/when I buy it 🙂

  8. Wow! My heart actually raced when I was reading that! I’d love a (real) jumbo Chanel. I have a naughty chinese one but your pictures just prove that no fake can compare with the real deal. It’s gorgeous. xxx

  9. O M Dear G…. I am hyperventilating with excitement just reading your post!! I totally get everything you say and good for you for finally getting your dream bag! The way you have written about it conveys how much it means to you so go ahead… use it as much as possible and enjoy it every single day! You deserve it! xxx

  10. I had butterflies in my tummy as I read this!!!!
    And I didn’t let myself scroll down and see the pictures before I’d finished reading your post!
    I’m younger, only 17.. but have dreamed of having a Chanel 2.55 Jumbo since before I can remember.. only in my dream, my baby is gold 🙂
    I’ve been saving for years.. and only this past year have I got a job where it’s actually going to be real.. I got my first pair of Louboutin’s last year.. and am hoping that this summer I’ll be able to get the beautiful, beautiful bag…
    I do have a question for you though.. if you don’t mind.. how much was the baby? I’m prepared for it.. but need reassurance as I know when you ask in the boutiques how much things are.. you usually get looked down upon a bit…
    Thank you, and I hope you and your bag are beyond happy together 😀 😀 xxx

  11. I read your blog and got teary. I understand the joy. I’ve wanted a Balenciaga bag for over 10 years. Put it off and like you found other things that got in the way. This year I was diagnosed with cancer. Last month I bought the bag. In cash. And it felt incredible. Life is too short. Yes it’s a lot of money but an investment 🙂 Enjoy your Chanel. It’s beautiful.

  12. What a brilliant story, saving up for the dream is so worth it. We get lots of investment buyers at for all the reasons you have described. Why wait ? Enjoy whilst you can. You are a perfect partnership x Jo

  13. Have loved reading your story. The Chanel bag is my dream bag too, whenever I get the chance I go to Harrods and look at it/ hold it just to reassure myself that I will have it one day! Enjoy!

  14. Great story Ree! I love that you first thought about buying this bag after being made redundant!!! That would have been an expensive pick me up after losing a job!! x

  15. What a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing this journey with us, and of course no one thinks you’re being dramatic. We understand! So glad you bought your dream bag. She’s a beauty!! ❤️♥️❤️♥️

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