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Celebrity Secrets Tanning Mousse Review

27 Apr 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Celebrity Secrets Tanning Mousse Review

The hype: ‘The Tanning Mousse from Celebrity Secrets contains our unique, vitamin enriched natural tanning solution, in an easy to use foam. No oils, alcohol or sodium laureth sulphate to dry and irritate your skin, just 100% safe and natural active ingredients to create a perfect streak free sunless tan with minimum effort.’ 
Now because I have quite a few fake tans on the go to review at any one time, I decided to farm this one of to my friend and serious fake tan aficionado, Lucy.

Lucy’s tanning credentials are really good! As a fellow super paley (we have competitions about who is the most blue!) she has been a ‘fan of faux’ probably for as long as I have. So I knew she’d be able to give me a good low down on the Celebrity Secrets Tanning Mousse.
This is what Lucy had to say:
“I was very happy to try out Celebrity Secrets Tanning Mousse as I have tried just about every fake tan on the market, because I love the tanned look but naturally I don’t tan. 
When I first applied the mousse with a tanning mit it went on really easily and dried almost immediately so I was able to get dressed and be on my way! I was happy enough with the instant colour to be seen in public! So comparing it to an old favourite of mine, St Tropez, it definitely scores higher here as I would never be able to ‘apply and go’ like this.
The next day after I had showered I was still impressed with the colour that remained. With some of the other tans I have been using recently (particularly Lauren’s Way) the colour almost disappears after showering, which really does defeat the object of a long lasting tan. 
I didn’t notice any fake tan smell which is always a bonus. The tan lasted a similar time to most tans I use, about 3 days and then it faded evenly with no patchiness.
So my final verdict is that is a great value tan that I would definitely recommend and repurchase.”
So I think Lucy liked it!!
The Celebrity Secrets Tanning Mousse costs £18.36 for 200mls or you can buy the 50ml travel size for £9.72. 
For further information visit www.celebritysecrets.co.uk
What new tans have you discovered?
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4 thoughts on “Celebrity Secrets Tanning Mousse Review

  1. This is the best mousse EVER!!!! I use Celebrity Secrets and will never go back to any other product. Alot of fake tans are orange, well I can assure you this is NOT!!! LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    Vicky (Halstead Essex)

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