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Cate Blanchett for SK-II Skincare

12 Nov 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I met Cate Blanchett today and she was more stunning than I imagined! She’s in town as part of her role as Global Ambassador for skincare brand SK-II which she has been using for 12 years. Of course I got my photo with her!!
Cate Blanchett for SK-II Skincare
And then another!!
Cate Blanchett for SK-II Skincare
Nadine Baggot chatted all things beauty with Cate whilst a handful of journalists and bloggers listened in, totally entranced. Cate is utterly charming, down to earth and intelligent. Genuinely SO much more than a pretty face!!
Cate has a very strong relationship with SK-II. She began using it when she suffered with pigmentation issues during pregnancy 12 years ago and was hooked by the fact that not only did it improve the appearance of her complexion but also the actual tone and texture of the skin. One of her fave products from the range is the Facial Treatment Essence. I have a sample of this to try so can’t wait to get stuck in!!
Cate Blanchett for SK-II Skincare
Interestingly SK-II started off in Japan, in a sake factory, where it was noticed that all the workers involved in the sake fermentation process had smooth, youthful hands. After a large scale research project over many years, it was discovered that an ingredient called Pitera was responsible for this enhanced skin condition and SK-II began! For more info on brand visit but for now back to Cate Blanchett.
Cate Blanchett Beauty Chat.

Mary Greenwell introduced her to SK-II Facial Treatment Essence which she feels has really improved the texture of her skin. It is now her ‘desert island product’ She had always been obsessed with hydration but this was the first time she had thought about texture and tone. She also loves the LXP Boutique range.
Cate’s Top Tip: Decant the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence into a spray bottle and sprtiz over finished makeup for added radiance.
Flight Beauty: Cate uses the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask on flights and it sinks completely in within about 15 minutes. She says it makes her realise just how dehydrating flying can be.
The Sun: Her mother rescued her from a life addicted to sunbathing when she was covered in baby oil at the age of 13 desperately trying to get a tan! Cate recalls that she said to her “Darling it’s just not going to happen for you. Come inside and put some sunscreen on.” She said she then went the other way and went goth!” She says it is the most valuable piece of beauty advice she has ever been given.
She uses the whitening products now from SK-II and says it isn’t about bleaching the skin but more about evenness of tone and making the skin luminous.
Cate Blanchett for SK-II Skincare
Signature makeup look: Minimal, pale lip and mascara. “If you wearing a red lip, you don’t want it to wear you!”. She loves Edward Bess reds. 
On the other hand, she loves how makeup and hair can totally transform a person. She says we are always playing versions of ourselves – “today is my Stella McCartney fuchsia version of myself and 4 hours ago it was a sinusitis ridden, been up too late last night version of myself”.
Best Tip learnt from a professional makeup artist: Priming the skin with a luminising product before foundation.
Cate Blanchett for SK-II Skincare
The Hair: In London she always goes to see Nicola Clarke at John Frieda for colour. Also she has started talking Viviscal supplements and is looking forward to seeing the benefits. She is also a huge fan of Philip Kingsley Elasticizer wrapped in clingfilm.
So there you have it. Beauty chat straight from the mouth of a modern icon! It was a really amazing experience. Check out the full range of SK-II products at Harrods.

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