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CACI Facial at the Four Seasons Spa in London

4 Jul 2013 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I had a CACI facial at the Four Seasons Spa yesterday and I absolutely loved it! Probably one of the best facials I have tried to date – my skin has been feeling firm, plump and smooth. CACI is known as the non surgical face lift and continued treatments promise serious results. I was really pleased with how my skin is looking after one treatment though.
CACI Facial Review
This picture was taken straight after the CACI facial. My skin had a little redness in areas and as I had a few appointments I popped on some BB cream, eyemakeup and a little gloss. My skin was glowing and firm looking. I was very pleased. I wouldn’t normally wear makeup after a facial but when I removed it in the evening, my skin was still looking good.
I had the 60 minute CACI facial which comprised of 4 sections:
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Electrical facial toning with probes
  • Treatment with the wrinkle comb
  • Pad toning
CACI Ultimate
Now I have a fairly high pain threshold when it comes to beauty and so the therapist adjusted the frequencies to achieve the ultimate effect whilst staying comfortable. Apparently it was quite high but I could barely feel it and actually had a tiny sleep!
My favourite part was the wrinkle comb which is used over expression lines to plump up the skin. It feels like tiny pin pricks but is still quite comfortable. Again, the therapist will adjust to a level that suits you. The lines around my mouth were so much smoother and less visible after – I found this so effective.
Although I was really pleased with my one off treatment, a course is recommended for lasting results. If I had the time, I would 100% sign up!
A 60 minute CACI facial at the Four Seasons Spa in London is £105. This includes use of the spa facilities which are beyond gorgeous!
Four Seasons Spa London
Visit for more information. Info on the Four Seasons London Spa HERE.

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