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Bourjois. Little Round Pots, Past and Present.

29 Nov 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Now I knew that Bourjois was a very established and well loved brand, but I had no idea that it dates back to 1863. Completely incredible!

Well it’s true. Way back then, Monsieur Bourjois, with his little round pots, was making a name for himself in theatrical makeup, creating greasepaint colours for the stars of the stage.

And that is when the iconic little round pots sprang into existence.

On Saturday, I attended a fabulous Bourjois Bloggers event celebrating the relaunch of the Little Round Pot Eyeshadows with a new, even silkier, more blendable formla. The range now has 22 different shades, which includes eight brand new additions.


I clocked this table of treats the second I walked in. All like lovely jewels sparkling away. So exciting!!

We chatted about the history of the brand, how the recipe has stayed the same since its inception and how the colours are made and actually baked like little beautiful cakes. Utterly charming! We got to have a look at examples of some of the much earlier little round pots. So cute!

Bourjois’ Iconic Little Round Pot

Stunning hey?

But back to the present. The new little round pots have been improved. They are now paraben and fragrance free and contain mineral pigments, so are even better for sensitive eyes.

Here’s Bourjois spokesperson and celebrity makeup artist, Cassie Lomas, demonstrating how easy the eyeshadows are to apply. Top tip: If you apply the shadow using a wet brush, the colour and effect is intensified.

The delightful Cassie Lomas

The new gentle formula is so silky soft that it blends really easily. Even those not so confident with makeup  will get a great result. And even with the more dramatic shades.

We each got to pick eight colours to take away with us and here is my selection:

Left to right, back to front: Shades, 94, 08, 11 (new), 54,
07, 03 (new), 02 (new), 13 (new). £5.99 each.
How beautiful are those eyeshadows? And when used wet they can be as intense as they appear in the pot.
The new colours will be in stores in the next few days. Visit Bourjois online for more information.
What do you think of my choices?
Can’t wait to hear from you

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