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Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner

23 Jul 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Bourjois are really pumping out the innovations this year and here’s another! This is Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner.
Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner
It’s a gorgeous vinyl finish liquid liner with a high precision brush that can adapt to thin strokes or fuller lines with 16 hour hold.
Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner
Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner
The clever part of the new Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner is in the name! One end is an eraser tip that you use to go ever any bits that need to be corrected. It is rubbery, so doesn’t get dirty and effectively lifts away any mistakes. Perfect for me as I am not the best at eyeliner!!
Bourjois Erasable Eyeliner is £6.99 and will launch in September 2013.
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