Body Shop Superfood Masks 2016 - A Guide
By Ree

Body Shop Superfood Masks

24 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Masks are a huge trend in beauty right now and The Body Shop are seriously on it! In fact they are so on it that they are launching no less than five brand new ones this summer. I was introduced to them yesterday and I can safely say, they are pretty special, with something for everyone. Here’s all the info on The Body Shop Superfood Masks range launching August 2016.

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop Superfood Masks 2016

Each expert facial mask in the range is packed with natural ingredients and is 100% vegetarian, and interestingly three of them are actually 100% vegan. They are paraben-free, silicone-free and mineral-oil free too.

Body Shop Superfood Masks Collection

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop Superfood Masks 2016
  • Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask – detox (100% vegan)
  • British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask – hydrate (100% vegan)
  • Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask – nourish (100% vegetarian)
  • Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask – brighten (100% vegetarian)
  • Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask – energise (100% vegan)

So as you can see, there really is a beautiful range within the Body Shop Superfood Masks line up. I am obsessed with using masks at the same time and in sequence and I currently sat typing with Chinese Ginseng and Rice on my face as I love a bit of brightening. It’s feeling good!

I am going to write about these masks in the order I have used them!

Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

This mask is all about treating dullness and unevenness in the skin. This is a creamy mask with an exoliating texture to remove dead skin cells and brighten everything up. It uses Chinese Ginseng and Rice Extract along with Nicaraguan Sesame to soften the skin. It’s lovely. I applied it all over the face, left it for 10 minutes and then gave it all a little scrub as I rinsed it off.

Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

We all love a good deep cleanse don’t we? And this charcoal mask promises to release impurities and toxins. It uses bamboo charcoal from the Himalayan foothills, Japanese green tea and Kenyan Tea Tree Oil. By time I have gotten to writing this part, I was multi-masking with this in the t-zone and Acai Energising mask everywhere else. It’s a delightful combination! The charcoal is wonderfully tingly and you can really feel it drawing out the impurities. It’s very much like the Glamglow which I love, but less annoyingly bitty!

Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

Oh my goodness, this one is so yummy. As I mentioned above, I paired this one with charcoal, but it’s so lovely that I am very much looking forward to using it on its own. It uses extract of Acai berry and Guaran seed from Brazil to fight fatigue and boost skin energy. Community Trade organic babassu oil smooths and revitalises.

Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask

This is another beautiful mask that you want to eat! I warmed a blob of it up in my palms and then spread it over my entire face after the charcoal and acai combo. It feels amazing. It has a wonderful melting texture that combines honey to nourish and moisturise and Namibian marula oil and Italian olive oil to restore elasticity. It left my skin feeling calm and rested.

Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

body shop superfood masks
Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

The last mask I tried in the sequence and it’s all about drenching skin with moisture and giving it a fresh dewy glow. It smells and feels amazing. I was expecting it to be a pale pink, bouncy mask but this a translucent gloopy gel texture infused with real rose petals that glides over the skin under the warmth of your hands. There’s British rose petals and rose essence to intensely hydrate, Chilean rosehip oil to tone skin and Mexican aloe vera to calm and soothe. This is the mask I’d use if I wanted to make sure I would have an amazing makeup day, and if you let it sink in a for a bit, you could leave it on overnight.

This is an absolutely beautiful new range and I think it will be really well received when it launches in August 2016. Each mask in The Body Shop Superfood Masks collection is £15. You get the Charcoal one in the Body Shop Ultimate Advent Calendar for Christmas time. Order online HERE.

See my multi-masking over on snapchat. The Body Shop sale is on soon HEREOffer: 50% Off and 30% off Non Sale products using Code: 14671
Date: 9am Tuesday 28th June until 9am Tuesday 12th July 2016.




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  1. I love masks but I do find it annoying that the bodyshop, Loreal and Vichy (all owned by Loreal) are releasing very similar masks.

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