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Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016

3 Oct 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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OK you are definitely allowed to shout at me for doing this so early. I get it. It is way too early but please forgive me! If beauty is my obsession, then beauty advent calendars are my obsession within an obsession and I am 100% fixated with them. When I saw this little line up my heart really started to beat fast! Here’s a sneak peek at the Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016. There are three and they are amazing!!! It’s early but it’s a jungle out there and it always makes sense to plan as they always sell out!


body shop advent calendars 2016
Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016

So! The Body Shop are true pioneers in this category and I love them for it! They really know how to put one together and are getting better and better at it as the years go by. Last year there were 2 calendars to choose from – a standard one and a deluxe one. This year there are three and they are pulling out all the stops!

Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016 Range

body shop advent calendars 2016
Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016
  • Standard green calendar – £60 (45% value saving) – FIND IT HERE.
  • Deluxe pink calendar – £80 (45% value saving) – FIND IT HERE.
  • The Ultimate red & gold calendar – £99 (50% value saving) – FIND IT HERE.

Now other than the fact that beauty advent calendars are seriously fun and so much better than chocolate, the real value is in the actual money you save on products. I have listed the percentages above, but basically, with The Ultimate Body Shop Advent Calendar 2016, you will actually be getting approximately £200 worth of product. Worth thinking about when you are trying to decide which one out of the plethora of beauty advent calendars available on the market to go for!

body shop advent calendars 2016
Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016

Things to note – the range all include a cross section of skincare and makeup and full and travel sized products. The Ultimate Calendar that’s in red and gold packaging features products from the Oils of Life franchise and also contains the brand new Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask which launches in August 2016 in a full size. Not bad eh?

All three calendars are available HERE NOW!



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6 thoughts on “Body Shop Advent Calendars 2016

  1. Do you know the contents of the standard one??

    I’m undecided whether to get a body shop one or the no7, but am worried the no7 one will have roughly the same contents as last years Calender??

    Thank you!!

  2. I have the red and gold one and so far the presents have been really for example i got a single black nail file..i mean…really!! Apart from the fact it has the body shop writen on it these are five for a pound!
    The presents are really small and one of them was a free sample. I am a big body shop fan and have used there products for years and was so excited to get this calendar..but i certainly wont be buying it next year.le

  3. I agree with Jo!

    Really not a fan of the red and gold calendar i think its a total rip off if i am honest so far i have had sample products, face cloth, nail file and buffer!!!

    the boxes are huge compared to the products making you think you are going to receive some good full size or half size products!!!

    Not worth the money!

  4. Me too Very dissapointed, especially after the sales assistant told me the red & gold box had FULL size products inside & the green cheaper box had travel sizes products. It was a treat from my husband who is now reminding me everyday to “add up” the items as he’s certain he’s been ripped off ☹️ Can we complain?

  5. Yes very disappointed in the red and gold one I won it in a raffle I was so excited as never win anything, the Body Shop lady asked me to everyday post a picture of what I had on each day , well I stopped at day 8 as I was really embarrassed at what I was posting I felt silly …..:(

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